{Wrap-Up} • July 2020

Is it too late to do a wrap-up for July? It’s my blog, so I say it isn’t! In July I read a total of 26 books, so I’ll be quick about it and just tell you which books I read for which readathons (because, of course, I did a couple of readathons) and what I thought of them. Because I read some books for multiple readathons, there might be duplicates! As usual, rereads have an * behind the title and the titles will link to the Goodreads page!

Grishaverse Readathon

I, of course, participated in my own readathon this month, the Grishaverse readathon! I read almost all of the books but didn’t have time to get to the bonus book, unfortunately (will do so in September, though). I ended up reading a total of 19 books for this readathon!

Grisha Order
Four Nations Readathon

Then I found this amazing Avatar the Last Airbender inspired readathon, and I had to join. I joined the Watertribe (obviously) and managed to get to level 5 this month! For that, I ended up reading 10 books.

Lastly, I read a couple of books outside of the readathons, because I cannot be stopped apparently.