{Wrap-Up} • August 2020

Well I guess doing a wrap-up for the previous month halfway through the next month is going to become a trend. This time, I have a valid reason though, because I had no idea how to talk about the 43 things I’ve read last month without this becoming a kilometres long post. So, yeah, I’ve decided to just to images. To still keep this as short as possible, here is my wrap-up for August 2020! Titles with * are rereads.

Dragon Ball, vol. 5 | Dragon Ball, vol. 6 | Dragon Ball, vol. 7 | Dragon Ball, vol. 8

Dragon Ball, vol. 9 | Snotgirl, vol. 1 * | The Throne of Fire (GN) | The Little Mermaid (comic)

Snotgirl, vol. 2 | Skyward, vol. 1 | The Serpent’s Shadow (GN) | Mythopedia

All Systems Red | The End and Other Beginnings | Jakob Kayne, vol. 1 | Jughead vol. 1

Doctor Who Storybook 2007 | A Killing Frost * | The Girl With Space in Her Heart | Captain Marvel, vol. 1

Black Widows | The Search | The Handmaid’s Tale | Kakushigoto, vol. 1

The Son of Neptune * | The Princess Saves Herself in This One | Confessions of a Shopaholic * | Chi’s Sweet Home, vol. 1

Rules for Vanishing | Wolf by Wolf | Ever After | Loveless

Fangs | Zeroes | Rat Queens, vol. 1 | Essential Classic X-Men, vol. 1

The Tea Dragon Festival | The Tea Dragon Tapestry | Mary | My Riot

Darkness Be My Friend * | Burning for Revenge * | Eden

And there we have my hopefully not too long wrap-up for August. I’ve linked all the titles to my personal rating on Goodreads so you can check that out!

How did you do in the month of August?