{TBR} • November • TBR Game & Believathon

Remember when I said I wasn’t going to participate in any readathons anymore? Yeah, guess I’m about to break my rule. November is the month of Believathon round 3 and I just have to participate, because it’s a full month of reading middle grade, something I need to do more often.

Believeathon is a middle grade centred readathon created by Gavin from How to Train Your Gavin and this round we’re going to solve the mystery of the missing Maleficarum. There are thirteen prompts, with which you can earn a bunch of clues and I picked a book for each of the prompts, obviously.

I also spun my TBR wheel and picked five runes from my rune bag, which I will share with you at the end of this post. But first, let’s get into the Believathon tbr, shall we?

Believathon round #3

I’ve shortened the prompts a little bit so if you want to read the full prompts and watch the amazing videos that accompany each prompt, I highly recommend you check out the Believathon website!

TBR Games

And then I decided to spin my TBR wheel and pick some runes as well, hoping to fit in as many of my Believathon picks as possible. I think I managed pretty well, though I had to add one or two extra books. Oh well, I think I’ll manage! First I’ll share the wheel spins with you, and then I’ll go over the runes I picked. I’ve made a little rule for myself that I can double up between the two tbr games I do but I can’t double up within the same game if you get what I mean. (So if I pick a rune and think a book I picked for the tbr wheel fits that prompt too, I can pick it, but I can’t pick the same book for two tbr wheel prompts).

TBR Wheel


So as you can see, I added one extra book to my TBR and I originally had a different book for the Dangerous Setting prompt for Believathon but I swapped it out for the Boekenfestijn book I picked. All in all, I have sixteen books on my November TBR, including The Two Towers and Siege and Storm my two rereads for the month.

Are you participating in the Believathon? What are you going to read? Are you going to try to get to all the prompts?