Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books

Review: Lies (Gone #3)

After reading Hunger, and not liking it very much, I was very reluctant to read the rest of the series. Still, when I was in Amsterdam and I saw Lies on the discount shelf at American Book Center, I decided to take it with me just because. I have to admit, I wasn’t really looking […]

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Review: Four (Divergent #4)

When I found out that Veronica Roth was writing short stories from Four/Tobias’ point of view, I knew I had to read those. At first, they were supposed to be released as separate ebooks, but after a while it was announced that they were going to be published together as an actual book. I pre-ordered […]

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Review: Allegiant (Divergent #3)

So, here it is, Allegiant. The final book of the Divergent series. A series that I enjoyed a lot. I don’t remember who recommended the first book to me, but I want to thank them because they have given me one of my favourite book series. (And only Harry Potter and the Hunger Games are […]

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