Review: The Maze Runner (TMR Movies #1)

Review: The Maze Runner (TMR Movies #1)The Maze Runner * by Wes Ball
Series: TMR movies #1
Also in this series: The Scorch Trials *
Released by 20th Century Fox on 25 September 2014
Genres: Dystopia
Length: 1h 53m
Source: Seen in cinema
Cast: Dylan O'Brian, Aml Ameen, Ki Hong Lee, Blake Cooper, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Will Poulter, Dexter Darden, Kaya Scodelario.

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Thomas is deposited in a community of boys after his memory is erased, soon learning they're all trapped in a maze that will require him to join forces with fellow "runners" for a shot at escape.


About two years ago, I found out about a book called The Maze Runner, and I decided to check it out. At first, I couldn’t really get past the first couple of chapters, so I put it down and decided I would try it again later. The second time I decided to read it, I forced myself to continue reading it past the part where I stopped the last time, and I started liking the book, a lot. When I heard they were going to make a movie out of it, I got both excited and a bit scared because I remembered all the good and bad movie adaptions that I’d seen in the past couple of years. But the trailers of this movie looked very good, and I got even more exciting.

At first, the movie was supposed to come out somewhere in the Spring I think, but it got pushed back to September which made me a bit sad, but I was also hoping they were doing that to make it even more awesome. Last night, I finally went to see it; there was a special premiere for the movie at the cinemas in our country because the movie actually doesn’t come out until the 25th. Anyway, my friend and I went to see it, and I was kind of blown away.

We start just like the book, inside a lift. Together with Thomas (O’Brian), we ascend inside the lift towards what, we don’t know. Then, the doors of the lift open and we’re welcomed by more boys. We’re inside the Glade, surrounded by the Maze. Throughout the movie, we learn the names of some of the boys, we find out what they do to survive inside the Glade, but we don’t find out much about who put them there, or why; just like in the book. This is something that annoyed me at first when I read the book, but later on it kind of made sense. Yes, to some people it might feel like a massive info dump at the end of the movie, but I liked being a bit in the dark about it.

Like I said before, we meet some of the boys who are already in the Glade. We meet Alby (Ameen), Minho (Hong Lee), Chuck (Cooper), Newt (Brodie-Sangster), Gally (Poulter) and Frypan (Darden). Then, we meet the only girl in the Glade, Teresa (Scodelario). Out of these, I only knew Dylan (or well, I’ve seen him pass by on Tumblr a lot, because I don’t watch Teen Wolf), Kaya (from Skins), Thomas (from Doctor Who) and Will (from Narnia), and I thought they were very good choices. I also thought the rest of the cast was amazing, Alby definitely looked like a leader, Chuck looked like the little brother you wanted to look after; and all the other Gladers were amazing as well. So 10 points to the casting director for casting these amazing people!

There’s a lot of action in this movie, including some thrilling scenes inside the Maze; there Minho, Thomas and (an unconcious) Alby had to get away from a Griever, a foul creature that lives inside the Maze and eats people, but only at night. The Grievers scared me a lot while I was reading the book, and though they didn’t look as frightening in the movie, they were gross and still a big scary. They looked to me like massive spiders (like the ones from The Hobbit), and that’s how they walked and acted as well.  The Glade and the Maze both looked amazing, I am so happy I finally have a bit of a visual on the Glade, because I found it quite difficult to imagine it while I was reading. I had said before in a post that I would have loved to get a map of it; not of the Maze but just of the Glade. That would have made it a bit easier to read. But the movie did well and I really loved seeing all the different parts of the Maze and of how the boys had built things by themselves in the Glade. Like the huts and the prison cells.

The last couple of scenes in the movie were intense, and I kept on hoping they would make it out View Spoiler », and I did shed some tears eventually (I wasn’t the only one, I could hear people sniffing all around me). I think the cast and crew of The Maze Runner did an amazing job; sure there were some differences between the book and the movie, but I have decided to see them as two completely different things. I understand you can’t always make everything exactly the same as in the book, and I understand you have to cut some minor scenes because people don’t want to see a five-hour movie (I would, but I understand the ‘general public’ wouldn’t). I do think the book-to-movie adaptions are getting better and better, at least the ones that I’ve seen so far (let’s not talk about Delirium or the Mortal Instruments or Beautiful Creatures). The sequel, The Scorch Trials, is already confirmed to release in September next year, woohoo!

I definitely recommend this movie to everyone who’s read the book, and to everyone who loved the Hunger Games and Divergent (both the books and the movies).

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