Review: Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)

Review: Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas
Series: Throne of Glass #4
Also in this series: Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire
Released by Bloomsbury on 1 September 2015
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 648
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781408858615
Source: Purchased

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Everyone Celaena Sardothien loves has been taken from her. But she's at last returned to the empire—for vengeance, to rescue her once-glorious kingdom, and to confront the shadows of her past . . .

She will fight for her cousin, a warrior prepared to die just to see her again. She will fight for her friend, a young man trapped in an unspeakable prison. And she will fight for her people, enslaved to a brutal king and awaiting their lost queen's triumphant return.

Celaena’s epic journey has captured the hearts and imaginations of millions across the globe. This fourth volume will hold readers rapt as Celaena’s story builds to a passionate, agonizing crescendo that might just shatter her world.

Just moments ago, I finished reading Queen of Shadows. And oh my gods this book was everything that I wanted and more. Okay maybe not everything but it was amazing. Queen of Shadows is the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, and goes further where Heir of Fire ended; with Celaena (or Aelin, seeing as she finally embraced who she really is at the end of HoF) coming back to Rifthold to get shit done.

Her first task is to rescue her cousin, Aedion, from being executed. And then, she plans on unleashing hell upon the King of Adarlan, for what he’s done to her loved ones and herself. But she can’t do it on her own, especially not without magic. So she enlists the help of a couple of rebels, and her old master Arobynn.

It took me so long to finish this book, partially because it was so big, partially because I have started a new job and I just couldn’t bring myself to read a lot after I came home every day because I was just so damn tired every day. I would like to praise myself for avoiding spoilers in those seventeen (!!!!) days it took me to finish this book. But it was so worth it, I loved this book to bits – there was so much going on and I was afraid for so many times as I turned page after page to see what my favourite characters’ fates were.

Sarah J. Maas’ writing is just so good it keeps you wanting to read more and more, and I did so even if I was tired and even if I had to get up early the next day. So damn you Sarah for keeping me from sleeping day after day! But also, thank you so much for writing one of my favourite series, because it is – Throne of Glass had intrigued me right from the start and though I didn’t love the first book, I started to love the series more as I read more.

I honestly loved about 80% of the characters; the ‘gang’ of course (Aelin, Chaol, Aedion, Rowan, Nesryn and some others), and Dorian (my baby what have they done to you); I loved Lysandra (especially her oh my gods), Evangeline, Manon, Elide; ALL OF THEM (okay no I didn’t love the King, or the Duke, or Elide’s uncle, or you know any of those assholes that thought they could do evil stuff, ugh).

There were only two things I didn’t like about this book; one being the multiple POV’s, but I think I’ve complained about this with all the previous books as well – it is just so confusing sometimes whose POV that part is being told from. It changes so much in the book, and eventually I just went with it and decided to ignore the fact that I had no idea whose POV it was. There were also some added POV’s in this book, which annoyed me a bit more – but yeah there’s nothing really that can be done about that. Then there was another thing, which I shall put under a spoiler tag, just in case.

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But yeah, other than that, I really loved this book and I cannot wait for the fifth one to come out – which won’t be until next year or so. *sobs* I’ll just go and reread the series from the start and then reread ACOTAR and sob some more.

If you want to read a series similar to Game of Thrones, Throne of Glass is perfect for you! Especially if you are a lover of YA books, because let’s be fair – this series is basically GoT-but-with-fairies-for-ya-people. Honestly I think I’ve been rambling too much in this review, but I just loved this book to bits and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

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