Review: Please Remain Calm (This Is Not a Test #2)

Review: Please Remain Calm (This Is Not a Test #2)Please Remain Calm by Courtney Summers
Released by St. Martin's Griffin on 20 January 2015
Genres: Horror
Pages: 96
Format: Ebook
ASIN: B00PF8197K
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In this gripping sequel to THIS IS NOT A TEST, Rhys and Sloane are headed for a safe haven when they get separated along the way. Rhys is determined to reunite with Sloane until he discovers people who might need him more--people who offer him the closest he'll get to everything he's lost, if they can just hold on long enough.

Rhys thinks he has what it takes to survive and find the girl he lost, but in a world overrun by the dead, there are no guarantees and the next leg of his journey will test him in unimaginable ways.


In 2013 I read This Is Not a Test a book about a group of teenagers who were hiding in a school to get away from the zombies. Zombies? Yeah, I read a book about zombies, can you believe it? I once said I thought zombies were the Umbridge of mythical/supernatural creatures (ok they’re not really mythical nor supernatural but you get what I mean), and that I would avoid books, movies and TV shows about them like the plague. But I did end up reading a couple of zombie books (Warm Bodies, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, etc), and of course TINAT. I was so frustrated with the open ending that I might have cheered when I heard about Please Remain Calm.

This novella of about a hundred pages goes further where the previous book ended, with Rhys and Sloane trying to get away from their hometown and to a safe place that they heard about on the radio. But along the way, they get separated. Rhys ends up  meeting a couple of people who will help him get Sloane back, but nothing really goes according to plan, which is kind of obvious if you’re right in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

The story is written from Rhys’ point of view, which took a bit for me to get used to. I am just more used to reading from a girl/woman’s POV than from a boy/man’s, but I guess that’s a bit obvious when you’re a girl yourself. But in the end, I did like reading from his POV. We meet three new characters in this book; Jess, Lisa and Ainsley, and they were really nice and I liked them a lot. View Spoiler »

Of course, with the book having only a hundred pages, a lot of stuff happened in a short amount of time, and I thought the book ended way too quickly. And I have to say I am still not really that happy with how it ended, because it still had an open ending. (So fingers crossed for another novella? Okay just kidding. No I’m not).

I liked Courtney Summer’s writing, and I am definitely planning on checking out more of her books, just not her zombie books, because I still think zombies are the Umbridge of all the creatures that exist. Sorry not sorry.

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