Review: Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvX

Review: Giant-Size Little Marvel: AvXGiant-Size Little Marvel: AvX by Skottie Young
Illustrated by: Jean-François Beaulieu, Skottie Young
Released by Marvel Comics on 20 October 2015
Genres: Action, Comics
Pages: 120
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780785195795
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Skottie Young brings out the big guns...and the little the series fans have been waiting for! In the Battleworld zone known as Marville, playtime is serious business — and Marville's pint-sized heroes are working overtime to prove to their new neighbors which crew is toughest! With super-powered dodgeball, high-tech hideouts and eye-puns aplenty, Marvel's most adorable heroes aren't pulling any punches in this larger-than-life, fun-sized adventure. Featuring all your favorites (just, you know, shorter) including Cyclops, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Wolverine and more as the toughest, funniest, craziest and most adorable Marvel heroes throw down in a battle of the fittest! The smaller they are, the harder they brawl — this is Battleworld, after all!

Last year I found a piece of art that featured some Marvel characters as babies, and I loved it so much I looked up who the artist was. I found out it was an actual page from an actual existing comic, actually published by Marvel. So naturally, I looked up the comic, added it to my TBR and bought the volume when its price got reduced on Book Depository.

Giant-Size Little Marvel follows the Avengers and the X-Men as they fight over a pair of twins that have just moved into Marville, their little (that’s a pun) zone on the planet Battleworld. In Marville, we have all the known characters,; from the Avengers to the X-Men to the Guardians of the Galaxy and so forth. There is only one difference – they’re all babies. Yup, you heard it right. Tiny Marvel babies. They’re cute, they’re adorable, they will wreck your whole neighbourhood if you’re not careful. But they’re so cute!

Honestly, the story is just your typical Avengers vs. X-Men story where they think ‘screw villains, let’s fight each other’, but the fact that they are all babies makes it so much more exciting. I haven’t really been interested in any of the Avengers vs. X-Men storylines (though I do own a comic from that timeline, I believe) but this one just got my attention right away.

Because the artwork is so amazing, so cute and so so colourful! I believe I haven’t seen a (Marvel) comic that was this colourful before. I think this is the first time I’ve read a comic both written and illustrated by the same person, at least not knowingly, but damn I really loved this. And the guy that did the colouring did the right thing by making it so bright because it definitely fits the story and the characters.

I just loved seeing my favourite characters imagined as babies, and though I hoped a certain character would make his appearance View Spoiler » it was great seeing all the characters I’ve read about in previous comics already. I’m just a little sad that there is only one volume and none planned in the future.

There were lots of funny parts in this comic as well, and I especially loved all the puns that were in this comic (and of course the fact that every pun had to be pointed out as a pun, I honestly love that). It really felt like I was watching a Marvel movie because they are always so action-packed but still funny at the right moments.

But yeah, I have to say that Giant-Size Little Marvel was a giant success (it’s a pun), and I will definitely reread the volume in the future and recommend it to my Marvel friends. If you love Marvel but you’re ready for something different, I can definitely recommend this to you.

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