Review: Fractured (Slated #2)

Review: Fractured (Slated #2)Fractured by Teri Terry
Series: Slated #2
Also in this series: Slated, Shattered
Released by Orchard Books on 4 April 2013
Genres: Dystopia
Pages: 432
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781408319482
Source: Purchased

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Kyla shouldn't be able to remember anything. But she can - and she's beginning to realize that there are a lot of dark secrets locked away in her memories. When a mysterious man from her past comes back into her life, she thinks she's on her way to finding the truth. But the more she learns about her history, the more confusing her future becomes.


Before I was even finished with Slated I ordered myself a copy of Fractured because I just needed to know the rest of the story. And of course I needed to know if the second book was as good as the first. And oh my god it was! Fractured starts off almost immediately where the first book ended, with Kyla whose Levo has just become useless after beating up someone. In this story, we follow her as she tries to get her old memories back and meets people from her past. But are those people trustworthy, or are they the enemy?

First thing’s first, I want to express the joy I felt while reading this book because it happens in England. I mean – and I’ve said this in my review of Slated as well – 90% of the Dystopia books that I’ve read happen in America; or ‘the country that was one called America’, so this story happening in England just made me really happy (like, America’s not the only one who has fucked up big time).

We are introduced to some new characters in this book; one of them that was in the previous book as well, but in this book we find out more about him. First of all there was Cam(eron), who I thought was nice at the beginning – but I started to dislike him a bit further into the book. View Spoiler » Then there were Nico and Katran, Nico was introduced in Slated already, but under a different name. I liked him at the beginning but like with Cam, I started to dislike him A LOT after a while. I wasn’t really sure what to think about Katran, but I can say he was my favourite of the newly introduced characters.

For a while, I was afraid this book would have the start of a love-triangle (and honestly I am still afraid that might happen in the third book), but for now there wasn’t really any sign of it, which just made me jump with joy. Nine out of ten times, when I really like a book, they throw in a love-triangle in the second part of the series which just ruins my mood. But ten points to Teri Terry for not doing that this time (and that, in fact, actually improved my mood a lot). Ok, I have to say there were some tiny things that I found a little predictable, but I’ll forgive the author for that. View Spoiler »

The writing was still as thrilling as in the previous book, and at some points I just couldn’t stop reading (which resulted in me going to bad way too late sometimes), but this series is just really one of my favourites of all time. And I deeply regret not having started it sooner. Teri Terry just managed to pull me right into the story and she also managed to never let me go. I can’t wait to get my hands on the last book, Shattered, and read how Kyla’s story goes on!

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