Review: Book of Shadows (Sweep #1)

Review: Book of Shadows (Sweep #1)Book of Shadows by Cate Tiernan
Series: Sweep #1
Also in this series: The Coven
Released by Speak on 29 January 2011
Genres: Fantasy
Pages: 176
Format: Ebook
ISBN: 9780142409862
Source: Purchased

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Something is happening to me that I don't understand.

I see things, feel things in a new way. I can do things normal people can't do. Powerful things. Magical things. It scares me.

I never chose to learn witchcraft. But I'm starting to wonder if witchcraft is choosing me.


A while back I read something about the Sweep series, and remembered I used to read those books when I was younger. So I decided to read the first book to see if I still liked them as much as I used to. And I have to say I liked the first book, probably less than I did back then, but did enjoy reading it.

Book of Shadows, book one out of fifteen of the Sweep series, is about Morgan and her best friend Bree. We start the story on the day a new student, named Cal Blaire, arrives at their school, and of course every girl is head over heels in love with him. But Cal isn’t a normal person, no he is into Wicca and he wants to make his own Coven. And he is very, very interested in having Morgan in it.

When I was fourteen/fifteen, I was very interested in everything that had to do with Wicca. I even had my own Book of Shadows, in which I actually ended up writing down stuff I found on the internet (no I never tried any spells or anything). So when I found out about the Wicca series (that’s what the name is in Dutch) I read a couple of the books (I don’t even remember which ones) and loved them very much. Now, at age twenty-two, I am not really into Wicca anymore (I still find it interesting but I don’t really do anything with it anymore), but I still did enjoy reading this book.

There were only a couple of things I didn’t like about the book, and that was the fact that Morgan found it necessary to talk about her (nonexistent) breasts almost every chapter. And that obviously every girl at the school had a big crush on Cal right from the beginning – because he was so gorgeous and oh and ahh and everything. It just had a very high school feel to it, which of course is obvious seeing as the main character is in high school, but still. The Wicca elements in this book were very interesting, and I remembered parts of it from when I first read it (not all of it though, I have the idea I may not have finished reading this book). Because I don’t remember the book ending so abruptly? Like what? That really is one of the most frustrating things ever, in my opinion. It wasn’t really a cliffhanger, but it was just so abrupt that I spend a couple of minutes wondering if I wasn’t missing a couple of pages in my ebook. But hey, there are fourteen more books!

The writing was simple and very easy to read, I finished it in a couple of days and that only because I was reading two other books at the same time, and because I had to work as well (otherwise I could have finished it within twenty-four hours). I am very curious to the rest of the series, and I am thinking about buying those books that have three of the books in them (no idea what the English name for that is, but in Dutch it’s called an ‘Omnibus’). They are just as cheap as one book (about 9/10 euros on Book Depository) and you get three books in one!

So if you are interested in magic, Wicca and just a nice, easy to read story, I definitely recommend you try out this series!

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