On this page, I will explain the rules and some FAQ questions.


  • You can not double up on prompts. If you pick five prompts, you will need to read five books. However, there is a bonus prompt, and you can definitely use that book to fulfil any of the regular prompts. I will make a post about which prompts the Grishaverse books fit in (because I believe any of the Grisha books can fulfil a regular prompt).
  • You will have to pick at least one prompt per category, resulting in five prompts in total. You can, of course, pick more prompts, if you feel like it. As long as you have one prompt per category.
  • If you want to earn points and be entered in the giveaway, you will need to pick a team. There are four teams to choose from. There’ll be no quiz or anything to determine your team, just choose the one you want to belong to the most.
  • Any book you start and finish in July that fits a prompt can count towards the readathon. You can read multiple books for one prompt if you want.
  • You can read the books in any order you want, and you can change your TBR whenever you want. If you don’t feel like finishing the book you initially picked, you can pick up a different book, but the pages you have read for the first book will NOT count towards the final page count. DNFs do not count.
  • For any of the colour prompts, the colour will need to be on the cover prominently. If you look at a cover and think ‘yes this cover is white/black/purple/blue/red’ you can count it. If there is only a little bit of the colour on the cover, you’re going to have to pick a new book. (I’d say 50% or more of the cover being the colour would count). If you’re not certain a book would count, you’re welcome to tweet me about it!


Do I have to choose the prompt that corresponds with my chosen team?

Yes, that is the only prompt that is pre-chosen for you. If you pick your team, you will need to read a book for that prompt. You can not change teams once you’ve chosen one, but you can still read a book for the other team’s prompt.

Does the silhouette of a person count as a body part?

If it’s clear enough it’s a person, you can definitely count it.

Does an animal’s body part count as well?

No, Corporalki cannot use their powers on animals, only other humans – therefor only a person’s body part will count.

Does it count if the thing is on the back of the cover, or on the naked hardcover

Yes, if your cover has a moon/sun/stars/body part or elements on the back of the cover or on the naked hardcover, it all counts. It also counts if it’s in the title (i.e. The Sun is Also a Star)

What are the elements

Listen to Katara.

It can be anywhere – on the cover (a wave, a patch of earth, a flame, a gust of wind), it can be in the title (only the words ‘water’, ‘earth’, ‘fire’, or ‘air’ will work (plural or singular). It can also be part of the plot (elemental magic, a story about a fire, etc.)

Do audiobooks, ebooks, borrowed books, rereads, graphic novels, non-fiction books count?

Anything that’s on Goodreads counts. Short stories count too if you can find them separately on Goodreads. For example, you can count The Too-Clever Fox (from the Language of Thorns) because it’s found separately on Goodreads, but not When Water Sang Fire.

Is this cover white/black/purple/red/blue enough?

If the colour is the most prominent (aka more than 50% of the cover) colour on the cover, it counts. For example:

Hold back the Tide would not count for a ‘black’ cover but will work for blue.
Into the Drowning Deep will count for a ‘black’ cover’, but won’t work for red.

Can the Grisha book count for another prompt

Yes. All of the Grisha books will fit at least one of the prompts, so you can definitely pick a Grisha book for your regular prompts and finish the bonus prompt as well! That is the only time you’re allowed to double up.

That’s it for now, if I get any more questions I’ll add them here!
That being said, if you have questions – ask them on Twitter!