Below you will find the prompts, with a little bit of explanation. I have tried to fit the prompts in with the subjects as well as I could. As I’ve said before, you will need to pick at least one prompt per category. You’re welcome to pick more prompts, and of course, you’re allowed to read books for every prompt.

I made a graphic that has all the prompts on it if you want to share that on social media!


The first thing you’ll do is pick your team. Your team will be earning points for every book finished, every page read, every Instagram challenge posted. So pick wisely. This is the only prompt that is set in stone. The team you pick is the prompt you need to fulfil.

The Second Army – Read a book featuring an army
This can go several ways – you can pick a book about a soldier in a regiment, you can pick a book about war in general, or you can pick a book that features an army of any sort (magical or non-magical) whether they’re around for the entire book or for a little bit.

The Dregs – Read a book featuring found family
Meaning a group of people that come together and who maybe don’t like each other at first, but grow to become a bit of a family towards the end (a bit like the Dregs themselves).

The Grisha Triumvirate – Read a book featuring a close friend group
This can be either a pre-established friend group or a group that forms during the book (i.e. the Golden Trio). I see a group as three or more people.

Sildroher – Read a standalone
A book that is not part of a series (this can be a book part of a series of standalone books, i.e. the DC Icons series)


Here you’ll pick a series, you can pick either your favourite series in the Grishaverse, or just go with the prompt you like best

Shadow and Bone – Read a book featuring magic
Witches, Wizards, Magicians, Sorcerers, anything counts – except for ‘fake’ magic (aka sleight-of-hand).

Six of Crows – Read a book featuring a heist/crime
This can be from either side – so a detective solving a crime, or the criminals doing the crime. Mundane or Magical, anything goes!

King of Scars – Read a book about royalty
Featuring a king, queen, emperor, empress, princess, prince – the royal character doesn’t have to be the main character.

Language of Thorns – Read a fairytale (retelling)
Pretty self-explanatory, a story inspired by a fairytale, or an actual fairytale (collection).


You have to pick a side – will you support the Sun Summoner, or join the dark side?

Sun Summoner – Read a book with stars/the sun on the cover or read a white book
Stars/Sun on cover or in title. Back cover as well as naked hardcover count!

The Darkling – Read a book with a moon on the cover or read a black book
Moon on cover or in title. Back cover as well as naked hardcover count.

Soldiers of the Second Army

Next, you need to pick a Grisha order to join. Will you become a Heartrender like Nina, or perhaps a Summoner like Zoya? Maybe you want to join David in the Fabrikator workshops. Again, you can just pick the prompt you like the best.

Corporalki – Read a book with a body part (inside or outside) on the cover or read a red book
Any part of the body counts, and any part of the cover counts, be it the title, the image or the naked hardcover.

Etherealki – Read a book featuring the elements (on the cover or in the story) or read a blue book
The elements being water, earth, fire, air… Long ago the four nations… Wrong fandom.

Materialki – Read a book featuring a creator or read a purple book
Creator is a broad term – writers, artists, inventors, bakers, anyone who creates something counts.


And lastly, you’ll have to pick a nation. Each of these countries was (loosely) inspired by real countries and places in our world. I’ve tried to pick prompts that would fit in with each of the inspirations. For each of the areas, you can pick a book written by an author from that area as well.

Ravka – Read a Russian inspired book
A book about Russian folklore, a world based on Russia or taking place in Russia itself.

Fjerda – Read a Scandinavian inspired book.
Again a book inspired by Scandinavian mythology, based on one of the countries or taking place in one of the countries mentioned in the Wikipedia page above.

Shu Han – Read an Asian inspired book
Asian folklore, based on an Asian world or taking place in an Asian country.

Kerch – Read a book taking place in the Netherlands
A book that (partly) takes place in the Netherlands. (And no, Belgium does not count).

Novyi Zem – Read a book that takes place in Australia or any Oceanian Country
You can of course also pick a book that’s about Polynesian mythology.

The Wandering Isle – Read a book based on Irish/Celtic folklore
This can be either an actual Celtic mythology book, a retelling or a book that is loosely inspired by the stories from this country.

Bonus Prompt

Read a book in the Grishaverse
A self-explanatory prompt – read a book, any book, that takes place in the Grisha world. There is no specific group book, you can just pick any of the books Leigh’s written in the Grishaverse.