Reading and Instagram kind of go hand-in-hand, so naturally I wanted to set up an Instagram challenge. There will be seven challenges, so you can post one picture a week, though I won’t set a specific week in the month. You can just post them throughout the month, using the hashtag #grishareadathon2020.

You can win points for each of the challenges you complete. If you want them to count towards your team, please add any of the following to your description.

If you’re team Second Army, you can use the hashtag #teamsecondarmy
If you’re part of The Dregs, you can use the hashtag #teamdregs
If you’re part of the Grisha Triumvirate, you can use the hashtag #teamtriumvirate
If you’re a Sildroher, you can use the hashtag #teamsildroher

The Challenges

0. Your TBR
This is not a challenge but I just want to see your tbr! You can post it on Instagram, but you can also just post it on Twitter instead!

1. Your favourite bookish maps
Post a picture of your favourite maps in books.

2. Favourite book with a bird on the cover
Birds are quite a prominent feature on half of the Grishaverse covers, so pick out your favourite bird covers!

3. Your favourite Bookish trope
Found family is honestly my favourite trope ever; show a book with your favourite trope!

4. Books with magic
Show off all your favourite magical books

5. Red/Purple/Blue books
Show off those Grisha colours!

6. Dark vs. Light
Will you join the dark side, or is there still some good in you? Post some white or black books!

7. Favourite Grishaverse book
Whether it’s Siege and Storm, or perhaps Six of Crows, show off your favourite Grisha book!

I have made a little graphic that has all the prompts and hashtags on it, you can view it here!

Any picture posted in July with the hashtag #grishareadathon2020 will count. For every challenge you complete, you can earn points for your team!