{Fairyloot Unboxing} • September 2020 • Under the Sea

In the last week of September, I received my September Fairyloot box. September’s theme was Under the Sea, and this is what they said about it:

Hoist your sails and take a deep breath because this month we are going underwater! Land isn’t safe, but it isn’t safe down here either — you never know what monsters may lurk below the surface!

Everything in this box will be inspired by the ocean and the creatures that you may find there (some are friends and some are foes). You can expect items inspired by To Kill A KingdomThe Little MermaidThe Sea WitchAtlantis and more! We’ve got a bunch of very useful items in this box and we are thrilled to reveal that this box will feature a ceramic mug with a beautiful illustration by @gabrielleragusi.

In our featured book of the month a young girl must find her place and her family while trying to survive in a world made dangerous by the sea and by those who wish to profit from it. This FairyLoot exclusive edition will have A COMPLETELY REDESIGNED EXCLUSIVE COVER, SPRAYED EDGES and is SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR. It will also come with a beautiful author letter with artwork on it.

I already knew what the book was because I accidentally spoiled myself, but it was a book I was quite excited about so I wasn’t too mad. Anyway, let’s get into the unboxing, shall we?

From this moment on, there will be Fairyloot spoilers.

The first item is this beautiful mug with artwork created by Gabrielle Ragusi. The characters on the mug are from To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo, which is a book I have read and really enjoyed. I currently have way too many mugs and don’t drink enough hot beverages, so I am now using it to house some elements of my TBR game.

In a small paper bag was this keychain inspired by Ursula from the Little Mermaid. The keychain was designed by Love You More Studio. I really love the design, and I am probably going to put this on one of my bags (because I already have way too many keychains).

Then there was this beautiful pouch, which can be used to house many different things. At this moment, I am using it to put my annotation materials in it (or the page tabs at least, as my markers have a special place on my desk, but I’ll add them when I am travelling). The quote on the pouch is from Sea Witch by Sarah Henning (another book I’ve read!) and was designed by Ink and Wonder.

Next, there is a very exciting item – a hairbrush! I love these detangling brushes as they work pretty well on the wigs I own. The design is fandom-neutral but inspired by the many things you find in and around the sea, and it was created by Taratjah.

The next item was this little pouch with two metal straws and a cleaning brush. I am personally not a huge fan of metal straws, as I bite down on my straws and metal ones kind of hurt, but hey they are reusable so I’ll probably end up using them anyway! The big straw says ‘Beach please’ and the little straw has ‘Make Waves’ on it.

Lastly, before the book, we have the paper items – the tarot cards (Tric and Ash from Nevernight, created by Katherine Britt), the bookmark, the spoiler card and Fairyscoop, a cute Atlantis postcard (created by Taratjah) and of course the author letter with character art (created by Nir4z).

And then there’s the book of the month – Fable by Adrienne Young. The Fairyloot edition has a completely redesigned cover, sprayed shimmery edges and has a signature from the author. No character art on the inside of the dust jacket this time, probably because of the redesigned cover. I love the new cover and the sprayed edges and I cannot wait to dive into this book (haha, I just made a joke, didn’t I?)

Did you receive this Fairyloot? What did you think of the cover? Apparently, there’s some debate about it – some people love it, some people would have preferred the original cover.