{Fairyloot Unboxing} • July 2020: Resilient Royals

A while back I received my July Fairyloot box which had the theme Resilient Royals. According to the announcement, it would have items inspired by House of Earth and Blood, The Lunar Chronicles, Ash Princess, The Queen’s Rising, Woven in Moonlight and the Bear and the Nightingale. Out of these, I had read only one (or, well I’ve read the entire series) so I wasn’t sure if I was going to love any of the items too much (then again, I have loved everything Fairyloot has put in their boxes since I started receiving them, so there wouldn’t be any losses I guess).

!! From this moment on, there will be spoilers for the JULY box, so proceed with caution !! 

The first item was the item belonging to the only series I have read out of the fandoms in this box – and it was this food tray inspired by the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. Currently, I am using it to house my TBR game equipment, so it is definitely usable for other things than putting food on! The art was created by Evie Bookish.

Next up is this Royal cardholder, inspired by The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross. I have not read this book and I honestly hadn’t heard of it before, but I always love a nice cardholder and this is totally my style. As you can see, I am currently using it to store my four most important/used cards (yes I am confirming that this cardholder fits four cards; two in each slot). This cardholder was created by Jezhawk.

Then I grabbed these magnetic bookmarks inspired by Woven in Moonlight which was written by Isabelle Ibañez, who also created these bookmarks herself! I always love magnetic bookmarks, and I love these animal ones!

Next is this candle, inspired by Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian. Again, not a book I’ve read but I am interested in it. This candle smells like Black Currant Tea according to the label and I think it smells great! It was created by In the Wick of Time.

Then I grabbed the biggest item in the box, which was this cushion cover, inspired by House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas. I still need to get a proper insert for it (the pillow I have inside it now is too small), but I really like it! The art was created by ChattyNora.

The last items in the box were the paper items, two art prints – inspired by the book of the month (created by Faeriereverie) and the Bear and the Nightingale (created by Dominique Wesson); the two tarot cards of Rhy and Holland from A Darker Shade of Magic (created by Katherine Britt), and lastly the fairyscoop.

And lastly, of course, there is the book of the month – Shielded by KayLynn Flanders. I had seen this book before but it wasn’t something I felt I needed to read. Still, I am curious about the book, especially with this beautiful special edition. The book has an exclusive cover (green instead of blue), black sprayed edges and is signed by the author. If I saw it correctly, the naked hardback is exclusive as well (the original one is blue and white).

Naturally, I have to say my favourite item is the Lunar Chronicles item because that is the only fandom I have read, but I also really like the cardholder. Did you receive this box? What is your favourite item? Have you read the book already?