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Grishaverse Readathon Recommendations (Part One)

Are you participating in my Grishaverse readathon but don’t know what books to pick for your prompts? This post is the first of four, in which I will give you some recommendations for each of the prompts, and I’ll also tell you which Grishaverse books you can pick for each of the prompts! In this […]

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The Grishaverse Readathon

A while back, I was lying in bed – not able to sleep – and I suddenly got an idea for a readathon. I wrote down some prompts but wasn’t sure if I really wanted to make it into an actual readathon. Some of my friends told me to just go for it, so here […]

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{Wrap-Up} • May 2020

Well, my first month of doing multiple readathons is over! In May, I participated in four different readathons, for which I read a total of 15 books. I managed to double up a lot and one of the readathons allowed me to double up in the readathon itself. Now, as for the wrap-up part, I […]

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Twenty Oldest Books on my TBR

Recently I saw a video by Aprilius Maximus where she talks about the oldest books on her TBR and I thought it might be nice if I did the same too. I have two separate TBR shelves on Goodreads, one for my physical books and one for my ebooks. So instead of talking about the […]

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Last Ten Books I DNF-ed

Today I will share with you the ten last books I DNF-ed or Did Not Finish. I am not a huge fan of DNF-ing books, and usually only do so with books I really can’t vibe with. Often I just put a book back on my ‘to read’ shelf to pick up later. But here […]

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