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Futhark Chooses My TBR

Most people that know me well, know that I love mythology. My favourites are Greek/Roman and Norse mythology. I’ve always been fascinated with the Futhark runes and have been looking for a nice set of runestones for ages. At the beginning of this year, I found a pretty set on Etsy from KomalCrystals and received […]

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5-Star Predictions (2020 Edition)

Last year, I made a post where I predicted I would give ten books five stars. I have since read eight out of those books and I thought it might be time to make a new list, since ‘Five-star Prediction’ is an option that can come up on my TBR wheel. Let me first refresh your […]

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{Wrap-Up} • June 2020

Another month, another bunch of readathons I completed! This month I did switch a couple of books out because I wasn’t really in the mood for some of the books. But I did still manage to finish all the prompts, so yay for me! And of course, July will be another month full of readathons, […]

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TBR • Grishaverse Readathon

In case you haven’t had enough recommendations for the Grishaverse Readathon, I am going to share my TBR with you in this post. I might change up a couple of things in between now and the start of July (there’s still about a week left and I’m notorious about changing my TBR) but for now, […]

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Grishaverse Readathon Recommendations (Part Four)

In this last recommendations post, I’ll talk about the Grishaverse books, and which prompts they fit in. Some books have multiple editions, so I will explain which edition fits which prompt! Remember, if you decide to add the bonus prompt, you can double up with another prompt! The editions pictured are the editions I own, […]

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