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TBR WHEEL • February TBR

Last year, I kind of forgot how to make a TBR. I am not really a mood reader, and I have so many books that sometimes I just really don’t know what to read. Then, I found some cool TBR games on Youtube. Like Becca’s Bookopoly, Jade’s TBR Pursuit and...


20 Books I Want to Read in 2020

This seems to be a popular thing to do, especially with the new decade starting. Today I am going to share twenty books I would love to read in 2020. Last year was full of rereads and I want to stop doing that (aside from a couple of rereads, that...


2020 Popsugar Reading Challenge

New year, new reading challenge! Of course, we’re all familiar with the Goodreads reading challenge (mine is set to 100 books, as usual), but there are so many reading challenges out there. Today, I’d like to talk about the Popsugar Reading Challenge. Popsugar is a website that talks about beauty, entertainment...


Annual End of the Year Book Survey • 2019

Just a head’s up – you may have noticed that this is the only post currently available on my blog. I’ve put all my previous posts in an archive and will probably delete most of them if not all of them. I just wanted a fresh new start to hopefully...