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{Fairyloot Unboxing} • June 2020 • A Different Kind of Magic

A couple of days ago, I received my June Fairyloot box! They are slowly getting back to normal after all the COVID delays, which makes me very happy. The theme for this box was ‘A Different Kind of Magic’, and on their announcement, they mentioned there would be two books, one of which wouldn’t be released […]

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{Behind the Scenes} • June 2020

Well well well, another month has gone. We’re officially halfway through the year, and what have I done? Absolutely nothing. Honestly, I’m getting pretty… stir crazy I guess? But it looks as if things are starting to open up more in my country, though I am afraid this whole virus is far from gone. Anyway, […]

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{Fairyloot Unboxing} • May 2020 • Desert Dreams

I’ve decided I am going to share my Fairyloot unboxings on my blog as well, for the sake of having some content every month! So in this post, I am going to unbox the Fairyloot box for May! The theme was Desert Dreams and had items inspired by books that have a desert vibe (honestly […]

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{Behind the Scenes} • May 2020

Please read: I think we’re all aware of the situation going on in America. Another innocent Black man was killed by the police and since that happened, there have been (peaceful) protests throughout America and the rest of the world. I highly suggest you check out these petitions (and these as well) and check out this […]

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{Behind the Scenes} • April 2020

Let’s be honest – I kind of forgot to do this. With the quarantine going on, I don’t go out much at all. But I did manage to do some things in April, enough to warrant a whole BTS post (which I shall now just do monthly and name after the month instead of numbering […]

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