{Behind the Scenes} • May 2020

Please read: I think we’re all aware of the situation going on in America. Another innocent Black man was killed by the police and since that happened, there have been (peaceful) protests throughout America and the rest of the world. I highly suggest you check out these petitions (and these as well) and check out this thread of videos of creators that will donate the money from their ads to various Black Lives Matter charities.

Because Black Lives Matter.

May is over, and we’re due for another Behind the Scenes post. May was the month my dad turned 60 and the month I turned 28. We were unable to celebrate it properly as we had planned to, but we still managed to celebrate it!

We ordered some food from a restaurant my cousin works at for my dad’s birthday because we couldn’t go to the restaurant. It was delicious and I was very full afterwards!

Every time my sister goes to see her best friend, she comes back with McDonald’s and chicken nuggets for me. (Yes, they kept their distance, yes my dad brought and picked her up by car).

On Liberation Day, Tanja and I went to visit a friend who lives on his own and hasn’t really seen anyone but his parents since the lockdown started. He now has two birds, who are really cute and love sitting on their cage like this.

We played a little bit of Cards Against Humanity and honestly this game is just the literal best.

My sister and I ordered sushi because it was TREAD YO SELF o’clock!

Awwwww cuties!

She wants to come upstairs and sleep next to me every morning, so I wake up with a cat lying on top of me almost daily now.

finally got this shiny pug! I’ve been wanting to get a shiny Snubbull for so long, and they had an event in Pokémon Go that was all about Snubbull! I ended up with a couple, so I’m very happy right now!

I finally remembered the spotlight hour in Pokémon Go and was treated to a shiny Shellder!

Decided to make a little pillow den on my bed so I could relax on my bed while watching a movie or playing video games!

Guess who finally joined Camp Half-Blood! I bought a shirt partly for the Olympic Games readathon I’m participating, and right after I did that, Rick Riordan announced Disney+ was adapting the Percy Jackson books into a TV series!

The only shiny hat Pikachu I got for these Throwback Challenges! Kind of sad the hat part isn’t shiny.

I was so sleep-deprived, I spent a moment wondering why this Absol was red instead of blue. But yeah, another shiny Absol, yay!

He likes lying in the high patches of grass, it’s his little hiding spot.

I got some books for my birthday, from one of my friends! I’m so excited to read both of these, and I am in love with the new covers for the Inkheart series!

This was my birthday cake! A nice, red velvet cake with green drip chocolate on the outside. It was SO GOOD.

The Fairyloot exclusive edition of Veronica Roth’s new book arrived and I am in love. There was some shit about the sprayed edges when people first started receiving it because they said they were supposed to be teal. They were black instead, but honestly, I like it. And I believe the O’s on the cover was supposed to be a lot brighter blue (there is a little bit of a sheen if you hold it in the light), but that didn’t come out the way they had intended. Oh well, it’s still an exclusive signed edition so I’m happy!

My mum and Tanja got some of my friends and family to send me some birthday cards for my birthday and that made me so so happy. I’m especially in love with the Kanej card my friend Rebecca got me, I honestly knew it was hers before I even looked at the inside of the card… XD

Another birthday gift I got from a friend! I didn’t love the movie, but I hope the novelization (which is ‘expanded’) is better. Or at least won’t bore me too much.

Another almost shlundo! I caught this shiny Dunsparce on my second account and decided to trade it to my main account because I’m that person and it got lucky and is almost 100% (I think it’s 96%?)

You find a lot of fun things when you clean up your room. I preordered a copy of The Cursed Child from a Waterstones store in London because Tanja was going to be there for the (midnight) release. They put the books in these bags and I remember how excited I was when I first opened this bag. Imagine me two days later – disappointed AF.

I was ready for the Raedathon, a twenty-four-hour readathon organised by Jadey Rae. I didn’t manage to stay up the full 24 hours (one day I will, I promise you) but I did finish two books!

Imagine being a cat, trying to sleep, and your owner is bothering you by putting their phone right in your face.

Well, I finally got the Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes! I preordered it a while back and then the release got pushed back to the 25th (in the Netherlands at least, I believe the shipment with the books got delayed). I couldn’t find the ebook or the audiobook anywhere, and I decided I was going to go to the bookstore if they didn’t ship it on the 24th. But it arrived, and I still have not read it. Because I’m that person.

My friends sent me a little birthday package. It was stuffed with food, books and some other cool items. Saints, I love my friends. There was a little delay because some of the items hadn’t arrived yet by the time my birthday came around, so we decided to name the package Gary (after Gary the Snail).

They even made me this ADORABLE Totodile card! In case you don’t know me, Totodile is my favourite Pokémon and I love it more than anything in the world. JUST LOOK AT THE BABY.

I think our neighbours from a few houses down have a (new) cat. They’re so adorable and fluffy ahhhh!

Tanja went to see her boyfriend and asked me to look after Link for a couple of days. He very much enjoyed biting my fingers every time I picked him up to give him his medicine.

And that concludes May! In my country, they are slowly lifting lockdown procedures, so maybe the next couple of months will be a bit more eventful (she says without conviction). I guess we’ll see by the end of June!