{Behind the Scenes} • April 2020

Let’s be honest – I kind of forgot to do this. With the quarantine going on, I don’t go out much at all. But I did manage to do some things in April, enough to warrant a whole BTS post (which I shall now just do monthly and name after the month instead of numbering them, at least until I actually do stuff again).

This cat has no concept of personal space. My mum lets her into my room every morning so we spend a couple of hours snoozing together, but I usually wake up with her lying either on my back (drooling into my ear while we’re at it) or when I turn around to lie on my back, she’ll do this (usually accompanied by a paw/nails in my face).

I ripped apart an old copy of the Lost Hero to make a backdrop for Instagram. I already have a wall with Harry Potter pages on it, but I wanted something I could lay down and put books on so my Instagram won’t be too one-sided. (I have since decided to make my ‘main’ IG books only, and I have made a photography Instagram for other pictures).

One of the first pictures I made on my new backdrop – the books I bought and received in March. Two friends gifted me A Map of Days and Artemis Fowl and I bought the others myself. The little blue book with no title on the spine is the Believathon compendium, which you can buy off Amazon!

My sister and her boyfriend gifted me Mario Kart for the Switch for my birthday (a really early birthday present) so we could play online together. I’ve been playing it non-stop since and it’s been a lot of fun, throwing red shields at my sisters and hearing them curse me out. #thereisnofriendshipinmariokart

Support your (local) artists! Because Comic Con got cancelled in March, I decided to buy some stuff from some of my favourite creators. This is art by NaomiLordArt who makes the most adorable fanart. JUST LOOK AT MANON AND ABRAXOS AHHH.

We got a special delivery – my sister and her boyfriend came to bring some beers they had picked up from a pop-up drive-in. They also brought some tulips, which I failed to take pictures of. But the beers were very nice!

I believe this is the last Eleven funko I needed from the season 3 collection! I now own all six of the Eleven variants, three of which are exclusives! Yay!

Big red baby! I can’t believe it’s been three years since he was born, and what a surprise it was a ginger!

We held a little HobbitCon reunion on Discord where we watched a couple of the panels and chatted about how we missed everything and everyone.

And after the first day of the reunion, we held a little Zoom session! Strangely enough, my webcam displayed me in black-and-white even though I had not chosen that option. Oh well. It was awesome to ‘see’ these people again after such a long time!

And then, of course, I wanted to rewatch the movies. So I got out my DVDs and rewatched An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of Five-Hundred Nopes – oh wait, that’s not what it’s called? Anyway, these poor guys had to run for MILES in these costumes. Whatever you do, don’t ever ask a hobbit actor about scene 88.

“I’ve got this.” HA HA HA HA. Do you ever think about something that happened to a character and just want to curl up and cry all day? Yeah. Me too.

“What did you say about that one-and-a-half-meter distance rule?”

Another ‘support your (local) artists’ purchase. I bought some buttons from PixlPanda before but then she released these super cute keychains! I bought the Link&Midna one for Tanja and the Howl’s Moving Castle one for myself!

He was a gamer boy, he said see you later boy.

I am doing four different readathons in May and this is my TBR for the smallest one – Desertathon. When I’m writing this post, I have already finished this readathon and I ended up reading two of the books on this TBR and counted them for two prompts each. I read a manga to complete the last prompt I needed.

Pokémon Go is doing a lot of great events with lots of new shinies. I caught this shiny Volbeat by chance (I drifted away from my house and a Volbeat spawned – and it was shiny!)

And they also did a longer version of community day, where it was six hours instead of three. I caught… FORTY-ONE (41!) shiny Abra.

The Nintendo store had some discounts and I ended up buying Just Dance. They also have a subscription where you can access a lot more songs than the actual game has, and it’s honestly very much worth the money!

I went to visit my best friend (keeping the appropriate distance) because I needed to bring her Crooked Kingdom. I ended up staying for dinner – Sushi!

Put some dog-butts in my wall. I bought these for Christmas last year as a part of our gift game but I ended up getting them myself. I finally put them in my wall and now use them to put my necklaces on.

Quarantine got to me I guess – I still had a pot of Manic Panic hair dye in the colour ‘Venus Envy’ green. I also still had a packet of black hair dye and my sister and I decided to combine them. It ended up a lot brighter green than I anticipated, but it still looks great imo!

And that concludes April! How was your month?