Well, as eventful as the first half of February was… the second half was kinda boring. I did make a bunch of pictures, but I hardly ever did anything for the rest of the month, aside from trying to find a new job (and honestly I’m getting kind of tired of not hearing anything back). Anyway, here is the second half of February, in which I did still do a couple of things! 😉

I found out that the first Percy Jackson movie is on Disney+ so I decided on a whim to just rewatch it. I personally do enjoy the movie, even though I do agree it’s not a good adaptation. But yeah I just love the cast so much!

I tricked Maki into lying on my bed for maybe a minute or so. He hates being on there and only wants to lie on my lap which gets annoying after a while. I did manage to find a new spot for him to lie, where he’ll stay whenever I put him down, so we’re making progress!

I was unsuccessful at getting a shiny Rhydon on my own account (the weather sucked so I didn’t go outside at all during the community day event), but got a couple on my second account. Decided to trade one of them to my main account and it not only became lucky, but it also became a 100% Pokémon as well. So I have a rare SHLUNDO (Shiny, lucky, hundo) Pokémon, ahhhh!

Honestly, I think I can dub my bed the cat bed from now on.

My Sim was invited to a costume party and decided that this was a good costume. I like her taste.


This Mod doesn’t do a lot, other than allow my Sim to choose her orientation, but I love it. I also love the fact that it has asexual rep in there, ahhh!

I decided to film my March TBR but I couldn’t find the tripod for my camera. So I decided to use my phone and made this little set=up with a couple of books I already kind of picked out for my March TBR.

These were a couple of books I already wanted to read in March. I picked TBS from a TBR jar, R&R I wanted to reread because my best friend might be reading Six of Crows this month and I want to read along with her. I picked the RIse of Kyoshi from a random number picker (it picked a shelf and I picked a book off that shelf). And I still need to read the Guinevere Deception for the Myth-take Bookclub.

Went to see Birds of Prey again with my sister and we went to a tapas restaurant after. We were supposed to see another movie after dinner, but neither of us felt up for it, so we decided to just go home…

Maki enjoyed my Fairyloot as much as I did! Or, well… He loved the actual box more than the content.

Look, I love spekkoek, but this FONT?! No. Also the way it’s made, with the HAppiness… WHO DESIGNED THIS? HIRE ME I CAN DO IT SO MUCH BETTER. PLEASE HIRE ME.

And that concludes February. As I said, the latter part was very uneventful and honestly, I’ve been feeling kinda meh for the past couple of weeks. No doubt I will feel better once I can start working again, but who knows when that will happen…