Quicker than I anticipated, it’s time for another Behind the Scenes post. Like I mentioned in the previous post, I am going to try and do this twice a month. I had not anticipated that I would have this many pictures for the first half of February, but here we are. In these two weeks, I went to Edinburgh, had a party and spent most of my time inside playing video games (because there was some stormy weather).

Disney decided to steal Nori’s usual spot, so Nori decided to just lie down right next to his mum. She was not amoosed.

We arrived in Edinburgh in the rain and cold, so we decided to have a drink at a little café just off the Royal Mile. I had a super fancy-looking hot chocolate!

We arrived at our Airbnb and the host said we could have some whisky if we wanted. It was in this super fancy bottle!

Our first dinner was at this Mexican restaurant called Wahaca. If you’re in Edinburgh and you love Mexican food, go there, it’s amazing! I had Enchiladas and my usual cocktail, a Piña Colada!

The next morning we decided to climb onto Calton Hill. It wasn’t as bad as Arthur’s Seat (which I climbed when I was there with my dad) but oh boy we were exhausted when we got to the top. But the view was 100% worth it.

That afternoon, we went to Edinburgh castle again and we were just in time for the firing of the one o’clock gun which I still think is lots of fun. Especially when the gun is fired and everyone screams.

Had lunch at Burgers & Beers on the Royal Mile and I had this delicious hotdog. They have a little counter in their restaurant which is a live-count of their Facebook likes. I actually went to Facebook to test if it was legit, and it is!

Later on that afternoon, we had a tour through the underground vaults and it was super thrilling. There was this one room with a stone circle and supposedly there is an evil spirit trapped inside the circle. I am not incredibly superstitious but I did have some chills. The room above used to be the meeting place of an actual coven.

More cocktails! This time at a bar called the Voodoo Rooms. I don’t remember which cocktail this was, but it was super tasty I’ll tell you that!

Edinburgh castle looks super pretty up on the mountain. We went through this park on our way to Dean Village.

This is honestly an amazing part of Edinburgh, and I would totally love to live here!

We went to the Elephant House, and they have this purple velvet cake. It was really tasty and honestly thinking back about it now, I really miss it. Gosh I love cake.

The Elephant House is the ‘birthplace’ of Harry Potter (honestly it’s more the birthplace of Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire but sure let’s pretend Rowling actually wrote the first book here ;)). This is what the inside of the toilet looks like. This just shows how much of an impact this series has made on people’s lives and it makes me so happy. View Spoiler »

Went for a little beer at the Brewdog bar before our tour.

We went on a Harry Potter walking tour and the website said the meeting point was next to the statue of Bobby. Bobby was a dog who was two years old when his owner died. Bobby then spent fourteen years waiting by his owner’s grave, until at the age of sixteen he died himself and was buried not far from his owner.

During the walking tour, we went into the Greyfriar’s Kirkyard and visited a couple of well-known graves, including the one of Thomas Riddell – the official inspiration for Voldemort’s real name.

We stopped our tour in the street that had inspired Diagon Alley and went into the Harry Potter shop they had there. I didn’t buy anything but I do love looking at all the merch that exists.

Our last dinner in Edinburgh and I finally had my fish and chips!

This is a skittle vodka cocktail. It was honestly the best cocktail I’ve had this trip!

Last meal in Edinburgh before going back to the airport – chips with rosemary and salt and a nice beer.

When I came back home, this little girl was waiting for me. I forgot I had pre-ordered her and never got a shipping confirmation, so it was a nice surprise.

Cats keep stealing my chair and of course, I have to let them sleep there because I’m not a monster.

I fell deep into a Sims hole again. First I started playing the Sims 3, but later on, I decided I was going to try and install the Sims 4 – and it worked, so I’ve been playing that non-stop.

I discovered this Nanobrick version of Totodile exists, so I immediately ordered it… It was a bitch to assemble, but hopefully, I’ll never have to do that again.

I received a book I pre-ordered, only to find out it had some pages missing. This was literally the first page in the book, where the endpages are supposed to be. Needless to say, I sent it back and they’re sending me a replacement.

The moment I saw these new covers for the Lunar Chronicles, I knew I had to have them. They are even prettier in real life. I get that the art style is not for everyone, but they are just so so pretty ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Finally received the tie for my second Kaz Brekker cosplay. At first I had this waistcoat in black with a red tie, but these colours are the exact colours he wears in the art piece created by Kevin Wada (seriously his art is AMAZING). I can’t wait to wear this outfit to Dutch Comic Con, even though I know I’ll probably not be recognised.

Went to a friend’s house because she celebrated her birthday and her cats were absolutely adorable!

And that is the first half of February! I don’t know what the next to weeks will bring, but I guess it’ll be a lot less busy!