NetGalley A-Z TBR

Do you ever get that feeling you don’t know which book to read next because you just have so many? Well, I  have that too. And even worse, I have so many books on NetGalley, I have no idea which books to read next. So I decided to do a little A-Z challenge. I went through my NetGalley books, picked one book corresponding to the letter of the alphabet, and I will challenge myself to have all 26 of these books read by the end of the year. I ran into a little problem because I didn’t have books with X, Y, or Z in my list – so I may or may not have added three more books to my growing NetGalley list. And even then, I took a liberty with the X title. Oh well. I’ll be reading them all anyway so no harm done!

I am thinking about doing it in order, so starting with the A book and ending with the Z book. I might try and read two or three of these books a month, but we’ll see what happens in the end. Are there any of these books that you’ve read that you think I should prioritise?

A – Are You Watching? | Finished in April |
B – Burn Our Bodies Down | Finished in April |
C – Cross Her Heart | Finished in April |
D – Draekora

E – Everything is Lies
F – Friends Like These
G – Graevale
H – Heir of Ra

I – I Know Who You Are
J – Jakob Kayne | Finished in August |
K – Kakushigoto | Finished in August |
L – Lobizona

M – Mayhem
N – Nowhere on Earth
O – Once Upon a River
P – Peak Plague Mystery

Q – The Quaker
R – Romeo and Juliet (manga) |
S – Sacrifice Box
T – The Temple House Vanishing

U – Until All Curses are Lifted
V – The Vanishing Sky
W – The Way of All Flesh
X – The Extraordinaries

Y – You Can Trust Me |
Z – Zombies of the World

Are you a NetGalley member?