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The first couple of days of April were wild. HobbitCon VIER was happening, and it was an amazing weekend full of amazing people, amazing cosplays and amazing parties. I have chosen a couple of the ‘normal’ pictures to share with you today, as I have made loads of party pictures but they are all too great to post here, ha ha ha!

2016-03-31 10.41.22-1

Party car! This was on the 31st of March as we were on our way to Bonn from our hometown. We had lots of pre-party fun in the car, and as usual it started to rain as soon as we arrived in Germany, but still, it was a really nice trip!

2016-03-31 18.37.38-1

The first two times, we went to McDonalds for dinner the night before HobbitCon and that was starting to get a bit boring. The RingCon after that, Tanja and I discovered the Pizza Hut where we also went during the third HobbitCon. This time we found another little restaurant that also had lots of glutenfree options for some of our friends who couldn’t come along last time. And this was my pizza. It was so big it didn’t even fit on the plate. And I finished all of it (okay I left a couple of crust pieces but I am so happy I finished it all)!

2016-04-01 13.22.06-1

Weirdest elf family ever. But just look at these gorgeous people and their gorgeous costumes! And their even prettier pornobalkens!

2016-04-01 18.45.54-1

This was our little surprise for Mark Ferguson the original owner of the Pornobalken. We had made these shirts and we were the official #teamPornobalken. I think Mark liked it, though he was also a bit overwhelmed by our party spirit, I guess.

2016-04-02 01.09.27-12

This is John Bell, who is one of the nicest people ever. He’s also one of the biggest party animals ever, and you could always find him on the dance floor. The other cutie on this picture is Diane, the French girl Tanja and I met thanks to Sylvester McCoy! <3


The two guys in the picture are Stephen Hunter (Bombur) and Jed Brophy (Nori). I went to them to give them glowsticks (because they didn’t have any!!!!) and then Stephen made a couple of pictures. He posted this one on twitter, and just look at my face (I am the one right on Stephen’s left)… XD

2016-04-03 01.51.02-1

Look at how empty the bar was, wow! During the last two HobbitCons, the bar was so busy you couldn’t even get through it without wanting to die. Now we could easily dance all night without hitting someone in the butt or other places all the time.

2016-04-03 18.53.45-1

Some people had glowstick balls that were being thrown around the dancefloor, and someone threw it upwards, into this amazing chandelier. I wonder how long it’ll take for the Maritim people to discover this thing. Probably not too long, I think.

2016-04-04 15.28.47

A friend was selling these Pokémon cards, and seeing as they were my youth, I bought them from her. There are exactly 400 cards, in English, French and Dutch. There are a couple of shiny ones and I am just so excited to have these cards in my hands again! I really hope my own cards are still here somewhere, but I am afraid not..

2016-04-05 00.39.23

The only two actors I took a picture with this weekend (unless you count selfies with some on the dancefloor); Billy Boyd (who is Pippin Took in Lord of the Rings) and Ryan Gage (who was Alfrid in the Hobbit). They were both amazing and I loved meeting them!

2016-04-07 23.25.28

After HobbitCon was over, Tanja and I went to apply for Pathé Unlimited Gold cards. With these cards we can go and see every movie there is in the cinemas. Without paying anything extra. Last time we had normal Unlimited cards, but we still had to pay some extra for 3D or IMAX movies. Now, we don’t have to do that anymore! We also got these cool 3D glasses, which are just way cooler than the normal ones you get.

2016-04-08 16.01.24

All the pictures, tickets and wristbands from HobbitCon and RingCon. I am not sure if I am going to another convention organised by these people, but I certainly had four amazing years. Although there were some ups and downs (and those downs certainly made me decide not to attend any of their cons in the future, unless they have a really good announcement), I love the friends I met through these conventions and the actors I met. The actors even called us family, and that is what really made me appreciate these past four years!

2016-04-08 17.47.55-1

Look at those tiny little paws and those vicious claws. Seriously I think she needs to use the scratching pole a bit more, because her claws are sharp af.

2016-04-10 13.39.23

Our kitten, Disney, was allowed outside for the first time on the Friday I left for HobbitCon, so I didn’t get to walk around with her until the Monday afterwards. I believe this was from a couple of days later already, but I just love seeing her outside. And she enjoys it as well… Unless stuff happens..


Like I said, on Monday I went to walk outside with her, but just at that time, an airplane decided to fly over our neighbourhood very low. Disney is afraid of airplanes and basically anything that makes loud noises, so I thought ‘hey, let’s pick her up so she doesn’t run away, jump over something and hangs herself from the leash’. Disney thought ‘let me go you stupid idiot I WANT TO GO INSIDE’, and so she scratched open my arm, hand and neck. I of course let her go and she immediately ran inside and hid under the table.

I think both of us have learned our lesson.

And those were my pictures for the first two weeks of April. Like I said in the previous post, not that much exictement, because I’ve mainly just been tired from HobbitCon. Hopefully there’ll be lots more pictures in the latter two weeks of April! See you soon!

How was your month so far?

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