Behind the Scenes

My Hoarding Problem: Bandmerch

A while back, I posted the first post in a series called ‘My Hoarding Problem‘. Today, I will give you part two, which will be mostly band merch and jewelry. I don’t know yet what I’ll post in my next hoarding post, but I’ve made a list of all the things I hoard so you’ll find out very soon!


If you exclude the t-shirts that I own, this is all the band merch I own. It’s mostly bracelets and guitar picks though, but I also have three drumsticks – two, I believe, are from Only Seven Left and one is from MakeBelieve. The guitarpicks are mostly Only Seven Left, and a few other bands as well. I got very lucky because I literally¬†found¬†most of these. I didn’t catch them during a concert, but just found them on the floor of a venue at random times. Some I just got from the guitarists themselves before or after a show.

My most priced band merch posession is the drumskin that I got from Bram a couple of years ago for being the owner of their official fansite, which was probably the best gift ever! (Edit ’16: I still have it hanging in my room now, and I really don’t think I’m ever going to get rid of it).


I used to not be such a fan of jewelry, but I tihnk that through the years it grew on me. Now I cannot leave the house without wearing at least one necklace. I’m sorry the picture is so dark, but I couldn’t really fix it without making it look ugly. Anyway, there are a lot of fandom related pieces, such as the Slytherin crest, a sonic screwdriver, the logo from R5, a Mockingjay pin and a bracelet with items that fit with the Hunger Games theme.

I don’t really wear bracelets actually, because most of them are too big for my wrists, but I do love owning them!