March is at it’s end already, so it’s time for another Behind the Scenes post. I have a lot of pictures to choose from this month, but I managed to keep it under twenty! Let’s take a look at this month, shall we?

2016-03-16 15.56.38

We saw these torches at a store, and I just had to laugh so hard. I wanted to buy one, but I have no idea when I’ll even be using it, so I decided not to. They have Yoda, Chewie, Darth Vader and R2D2!

2016-03-16 17.45.08

We made our Scarlet Witch headpieces out of worbla. This is what mine looked like before heating up the material, which was a lot of fun!

2016-03-17 16.33.31-1

And this is the end result. We put about three layers of spraypaint on it, and it looked really shiny, but when it dried up it wasn’t as shiny as it was on the picture anymore. Still, it looks really great and I’m so happy we did this!

2016-03-19 22.05.11

I finally bought and read Glass Sword, and dang that ending! It really felt like X-men to me, but that’s really cool so I didn’t mind that much!

2016-03-22 18.50.16

LOOK AT THAT SUNSET! I didn’t even enhance the colours, just made it a little brighter, but other than that this is what the sky really looked like!

2016-03-24 13.58.17-1

Because my Nessa dress still hasn’t arrived, and I couldn’t find anything online for my Tilda cosplay, we decided to go to a Vintage store. There, I bought this entire outfit for less than 25 euros. It’s a Laketown inspired outfit, and I’m wearing it as an older version of Tilda.

2016-03-26 00.08.04

In the movie, Wanda Maximoff wears these bracers with most of her outfits, so naturally I had to either buy or make these as well. I decided to make them, but when I was about to use my sewing machine, for some reason it decided to work against me. In the end, my gran helped me out a lot (by grabbing them out of my hands and doing everything for me, lol) so I could wear them on DCC Sunday!

2016-03-26 11.05.39-1

There was a Civil War stand at Dutch Comic Con, and you could have your picture taken with ‘your’ side. Naturally, my friend and I went to Tony’s side, and this was the first picture of the first day!

2016-03-26 11.22.11

We met this awesome Rogue and Psylocke cosplayers, and they actually recognised me as Pietro, yay!

2016-03-26 14.39.57-1

We were sitting at the kiddies table, colouring, when suddenly someone tapped our backs and said ‘your dad wants a picture with you’. It was the only Magneto that we’d seen that day (the only one in a full cosplay at least), so we were really happy!

2016-03-26 21.27.29

Who gave Pietro the energy drink? WHO?!

2016-03-26 23.54.27

Later that Saturday, we saw this awesome Iron Man cosplay who was standing by the Civil War stand having his picture taken with everyone in the Iron Man line. We naturally went up there again because LOOK AT HOW AWESOME HE IS!

2016-03-27 13.50.07-1

The next day I went as Scarlet Witch (while my friend went as Black Widow). This was the only (AOU) Pietro that I saw, so of course I had to get a picture with him (so badly I literally ran across the vendors hall to make sure he didn’t disappear on me).

2016-03-27 21.11.54

Vision and his wives! I pre-ordered Civil War Wanda from my local Funko store, and they brought it to DCC for me. I was so happy when I finally had her! I’m going to cosplay that outfit too, and I’m already crying about that coat.

2016-03-27 21.18.45

I was super tired and about to go to sleep, when I suddenly heard the slightest squeak coming from underneath my bed. And there Disney was. She’d apparently been lying there for a while, and I woke her up. Oops.

2016-03-28 11.07.20-1

My Dutch Comic Con haul. The single comics were free at a stand, so naturally I took the ones I was interested in. I bought the Son of M comic and the Lightning Thief one at the same stand, and the Vision & Scarlet Witch one at another (it was 50% off, so it went from 35 euros to 17,50!). Then I also bought the Sleeping Beauty funko, because she’s my fav and I love her.

2016-03-29 17.01.02

I finally started packing for HobbitCon three days before we’re leaving. Normally I would have a bag with stuff ready a couple of weeks before the con already, but this time I had DCC and a lot of stress to get through first. Still, I managed to pack everything perfectly, and I can’t wait to tetris it all into the car.

The next post will probably be full of HobbitCon pictures, and not much else, because I guess I’ll be pretty dead after HobbitCon! Can’t wait!

See you in April!