A while ago I found this tag on Oh My Book and made a draft of it. Today I finally decided to finish this post and publish it on my blog. So enjoy this Inside & Out book tag!

I Inside flap: Do you think the blurb on the back of a book is often too long or too short?

I don’t really know what the ideal length for a blurb would be to be honest, but I hardly ever read it, unless I am really interested in the book. I’ve seen very short blurbs that hardly give away anything from the book (I think these are my favourites) and others that almost tell you the entire plot already, so yeah I’d prefer the short, vague blurbs to be honest.

N New book: What kind of book do you prefer? Audiobook, e-book, paperback or hardcover?

Paperback, definitely. They’re much lighter, much easier to open and it’s easier to … hold onto your hats … crack the spine. (Yes totally guilty of doing that). Hardcovers look so much prettier on my shelf, but reading-wise I prefer paperbacks.


S Scribble while you read: Do you write in your books, or do you keep them as beautiful and neat as possible?

I don’t keep them as beautiful/neat as possible no, I actually crack spines and sometimes I eat and read at the same time, but I don’t write in my books. The only book I have started highlighting my favourite scenes in is my old copy of the Hobbit, but it’s also signed by a lot of actors so I guess that’s alright!

I In your best voice: What’s your favourite first sentence?

“Joost had two problems: the moon and his mustache.” from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. First of all the Dutch name that this character has, and the fact that his mustache is a problem. Oh Joost.

D Does it matter: Does it matter to you if the author is male or female?

I am literally that person that does not care at all whether a book is written by a man or a woman, a white or a black person, a straight or gay person, if the book is great everything is great. If the book sucks, it sucks and that has nothing to do with the author (although sometimes I just can’t like a book because I don’t like the author, but that’s all about their personality and never about what they look like or identify as).


E Ever read ahead: Do you ever read ahead? Did you ever read the last page of a book before you had even reached it?

I accidentally once read the last page of Crown of Midnight and I hated myself so much because I spoiled the big reveal for myself. (I kind of saw it coming though, but still I had wanted it to be a surprise until I read that last page). So no I never read ahead, unless I really hate the book.

O Organized bookshelves: An organised bookshelf, or a chaotic one?

Organised one, which is really funny because my room is a big f-ing mess. But my bookshelf looks neat af, and I reorganise it every two weeks or so. Right now it looks a bit like a mess, but that’s because I received a couple of new books that still haven’t gotten their place yet. (Because I’ve ran out of space, oops).

U Under oath: Did you ever buy a book, based on the cover?

Yes. Although I also did read the blurb on the back because as much as I love books with amazing covers, I don’t want to spend 10+ euros on a book that I won’t like just because it’s got a beautiful cover. I do love to get my favourite books in different covers (if they have that) because I am such a coverwhore (I bought these shiny versions of the Hunger Games just because they were shiny).

T Take it outside: Would you rather read inside or outside?

Inside, because outside there are bugs and children and airplanes and other people. No I’d prefer to read in the ‘safety’ of my room/bed.

Did you do this tag?