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Like I said in my wrap-up post for February, my friend and I are going to go back to Pathé, the biggest cinema franchise in our country, because our local cinema isn’t showing that many movies. We’ve noticed this in December when we wanted to see Steve Jobs, and recently with Pride & Prejudice + Zombies. So in April, when our current cards end, we’re going to apply for Pathé Gold cards (which cost a bit more but we get more back; no fees for 3D or IMAX movies, 25% discount on our food and just more movie + cinema options in general). March will be our last month at our own cinema, so we’re probably just going to see a couple more movies. These following three are ones I really want to see this month.

Allegiant – 8 March

To be honest, this trailer looks so different from what I remember from the book, but still I am excited to see how this movie will go. I just really hope that Lynn and Uriah will have a bigger role in this movie or perhaps the next one, Ascendant, because I just really like them as characters and I think they deserve it.

Brooklyn – 17 March

To be honest, this trailer just screams ‘love triangle’ to me, but I’ve always liked Saoirse Ronan, and Domhnall Gleeson has become a favourite of mine recently, so I really want to see this movie. And gods, I just love Irish accents so much (and Scottish and Welsh and Australian, shhh). Technically, I already have a good copy of it on my computer, but I wouldn’t mind going to the cinema for this one, I mean I don’t have to pay for it so why not?!

Eddie the Eagle – 31 March

It’s Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman, who doesn’t want to watch this movie? No honestly, I’ve never been interested in Olympics or sports in general, I’m kind of just interested in this movie for the actors. Sorry not sorry.

So here are the movies I want to see this month.

Which movies are on your list?

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