Wrap-Up: February 2016

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February was the month where I spend a long time at my aunt’s place looking after the cat. Where I didn’t spend as much time reading as I would have liked to (blame Netflix for that). Where I finally got a Funko that I’d wanted for so long, and where I got a lot of books. Again. Let’s take a look at the month of February.

Books bought



Some of these books I ordered in January already and some I received in January as well, but they arrived when I was at my aunt’s place, so I didn’t add them to the January post.

Books received


I got all these books from a friend of mine, who was getting rid of them. I’d been interested in the two Doctor Who books at first, but then I saw those yearbooks/storybooks and thought ‘well if you’re getting rid of them, I’ll be happy to take them!’

Other things bought/received


  • BB-8 Funko Pop!
  • Stan Lee Funko Pop!
  • Orange t-shirt
  • BB-8 t-shirt
  • Spider-man pencil case
  • T-shirt from Curacao

My aunt got me the Curacao shirt because she was there on her holiday, for looking after the house and the cat. I got the BB-8 shirt from Qwertee. And the Funko’s are so so cute, I’m really happy I decided to buy them!

Books Read, Movies Watched

What happened in my life?

Well, like I said February was pretty calm. I didn’t do much because I was at my aunt’s place and I couldn’t really go anywhere because I had no bike, and no car. So I did some reading, watched some movies and watched quite a lot of Netflix. I finally finished the first season of Jessica Jones, finally started the second season of Agent Carter and I am currently rewatching Heroes.

I went to the movies a couple of times with my friends, we went to see The 5th Wave and Deadpool, which was my absolute favourite movie of this month. We also realised that our cinema doesn’t show every movie, which is such a shame, because we wanted to see Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, but they’re not showing it. So we’re considering going back to Pathé, because they do have all the movies, and they also have lots of venues all over the country, instead of just three (and one upcoming) in our province (one of which is on Texel which is an island).

When I got back from my aunt’s place, my gran picked up my new sewing machine with my dad. I am so happy with it, though I haven’t tried it out yet. I first need to learn how it works before I’m going to start making costumes. Which I will probably need to do fast, because Dutch Comic Con and HobbitCon are fast approaching!

2016-02-20 14.36.16

Next Month

Is the month of Dutch Comic Con and HobbitCon! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Okay, technically HobbitCon won’t start until the 1st of April, but we’re leaving on the 31st of March already, so yes it’s HobbitCon month. There’s still so much I need to do, I need to finish the bodice for my Hobbit girl which is still at my gran’s place. I need to receive the dress I ordered for Nessa and hope it fits; then I need to find the right items for a Tilda cosplay or just made a general Laketown outfit. Yes I could have all done this so much sooner, but I didn’t have a sewing machine, and even now that I have I still have zero sewing skills. Oh well, I’ll manage, I hope.

What I want to read next month: Blood Promise, Trial by Fire, Seeker, Obsidian, The Forbidden Wish, Clockwork Angel, The Raven Boys, Zilveren Vleugels.

What I want to see next month: Allegiant, Brooklyn, Eddie the Eagle, Daredevil S2, Heroes S1+2, Liberal Arts, The 100 S3.

Anyway, with this post I would like to end February and say hello to March!

How was your month?

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