In September last year, I made the seventh Hoarding problems post containing my Funko Pop! collection. Since then, my collection has grown, a lot. Let me show you my updated Funko collection!


These are all the boxes that I’ve put on top of my bookcase. I’ve sort of put them in order of when I got them, with the older ones at the back and the new ones up front.


On the top shelf I have Rey and BB-8, both from Star Wars. After watching the movie I fell in love with BB-8, and I wanted a Pop! right away. The store where I usually buy them didn’t have it, so I got Rey instead (who is also one of my favourite characters atm). Then, a while later I saw a Dutch website that had BB-8 in stock and for relatively cheap (12 euros is cheap for a Pop! in my country); so I got it. Star Wars Pop! figures come with a little platform that they stand on, and a couple of days ago I found out you can actually remove that platform – which I did of course, because they fit into my little army of Pops so much better without those platforms!


After watching Age of Ultron, Wanda Maximoff – aka Scarlet Witch – became one of my favourite Marvel characters very quickly. So imagine me finding out they were making a Pop! of her. I pre-ordered it at ‘my’ Pop! store and they got her so much sooner than I had expected. SHE’S SO PRETTY OMG. And then I saw Vision – who is her husband in some of the comics – for cheap on a website and I bought it. Look at my OTP, look at them! <3


I actually have the funniest story for the Thor Pop! We were at Elfia, and there was a store there with Funko’s. My friend and I both wanted the Thor one, but apparently I’d gotten the last one. She was so ‘angry’ with me for the rest of the day, ha ha ha! I believe she eventually bought one herself, even though I said I’d get her one for her birthday (I got her Hawkeye for Christmas instead). And at another Elfia I saw Lady Sif and I just had to get her. Because Sif is amazing and in the original mythology she’s married to Thor. So yeah.


MR. STAN LEE! Last week I went on Facebook and saw a Dutch webstore had some new Funko’s in stock. I looked and saw they had this exclusive Stan Lee superhero Pop! and I just knew I had to have it. I love Stan Lee, I love the things he’s created, and I especially love his cameo’s in all the Marvel movies. And for Christmas, my mum got me Tony Stark aka Iron Man. I love Tony, I love Robert Downey Jr. and I loved this Funko that makes it look as if he’s flying. This is the Age of Ultron version, I believe, and the suit is the Mark 43. Yay!


When I was buying Hawkeye for my friend, I saw that they had Melinda May who is just awesome (1. Because it’s Melinda May and 2. Because she’s played by Ming Na Wen who is BAMF (and also the voice for Mulan eyyyy)). For some reason, her head is really heavy though, so when I found out there was this little platform inside the box for her, I immediately put her on. Now she’s not falling over anymore!

And for Christmas last year, my friend got me Baby Dancing Groot! I’ve been wanting one for so long, but I didn’t know whether to get the normal one or the Holiday one. But just look at it ahhhhh! And the last one in the row is Scott Summers aka Cyclops without a mask. This was the MyGeekBox exclusive Funko for June (July?) last year, and I kind of bought it because I thought/hoped it would be Quicksilver. But Scott is cool too!


Behold – the Pop! that got me addicted – Mr. Legolas Greenleaf! I got this for Christmas two years ago from my friend from France. I was so incredibly happy with it because I’d been wanting to get one of those Funko’s for a long time already but I didn’t know which one to choose. (I still don’t, if you hear someone crying, it’s me trying to decide which Funko to get). Next to it is Jack Skellington, which I got from my sister for Christmas last year. I’ve loved NBC for so long now so I was incredibly happy to get this one! And the last one is Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. My friend was at the Popshop and told me they had Doctor Who funko’s. I asked her if she could bring 12 for me, and here he is – he’s so cute, ahhhhh!


And last but not least are the girls. I got Charlie (from Supernatural) at the ABC in Den Haag while we were there for Alan Rickman. The website I was going to order her from said she was delayed again so I was so happy to find her at the ABC. Elsa I got from my parents while we were sort of roadtripping through our own country. We ended up in Zeeland at a holiday park and I saw her there at the store. She was a bit more expensive than the usual Pops, but still I love her so much. And then there’s Hermione: imagine my joy when I found out the Popshop had the Harry Potter funko’s in stock. I had a crisis then, because I didn’t know which one to pick. Eventually, I went with Hermione, because out of the trio I love her the best.

Do you own any Funkos?