Last night was the Superbowl. While I honestly don’t care about sports let alone American Football, I do care about the trailers that are being shown before, during and after this event. Three of those were on top of my list, and they are all so so so amazing!

Deadpool – releases 11 February

Actually, this trailer was nothing new because the movie is coming out this Thursday already and it was just a ‘see you on Friday (cuz the movie comes a day later in America) trailer; but still, it’s nice to see Deadpool in action. I can’t wait to see this movie, it’s one of my most anticipated movies of 2016!

Captain America: Civil War – Releases 6 May

Oh my gods I think my heart stopped when I saw this trailer. LOOK AT THOSE TEAMS! <3 Finally we get to see Tony’s full team; in the previous trailer we only saw Tony and Rhody – and now the rest of the team (minues Spider-Man, seriously where is that kid?!) is in there as well. Still slightly confused by Black Panther’s role in this, because I’d always thought he was neutral, but so far they’ve only been showing him to be on Tony’s side (not complaining, as am on Tony’s side too, though). I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!

X-Men: Apocalypse – Releases 23 May

And the third movie I am looking forward to the most this year, the third X-Men movie! I am so excited to see these new characters, and this trailer just looks so so so intense!

These are all very short trailers, of course, because they probably wanted to get as many trailers/commercials as they could get (which meant more money, because I believe having your commercial/trailer shown during the Superbowl costs money. A lot). But still I am super excited for all three of these trailers, and I can’t wait to finally see the movies.

Which Superbowl trailer were you most excited for?