The first wrap-up post of 2016! It was a quiet month, in which I didn’t do a lot. I went to the movies a couple of times, and I went to look after my aunt’s cat! I also bought a couple of books, and received a couple; and also bought some DVD’s! Let’s go and have a look at what happened in January 2016! (I received a lot more books this month, but because I haven’t made any pictures of them, I’ll add them to my February wrap up post).

Books Bought/Received



Ebooks I bought


Other stuff I bought


  • A Rey funko pop! – I actually went into the store to look for BB-8, but the guy said that he was so popular, they’d been sold out ever since the pop! came out basically. So I took Rey with me instead. I almost bought Katniss first, because I really did want to have a Katniss funko, but I ended up choosing Rey because.. I actually don’t know why exactly I chose Rey instead, but I did.
  • Iron Man case – I bought this, and literally the day after my friend told me she’d ordered a phone case for the wrong iphone, so she gave hers to me, and then I had two Iron Man cases, yay!
  • Quicksilver wig – A while back I decided to cosplay Quicksilver, and I bought running shoes, gloves and a nice wig, and so it was my first finished cosplay of 2016!
  • A notebook – We were in Haarlem and we went to the Hema, which is a store that sells a lot of different stuff (from clothes to food, a bit like Marks & Spencer), and there was this four-part notebook for 1 euro, and I even got more discount at the register, so I paid 0,75 cents for this big notebook, yay!
  • Fingerless leather gloves – These are the gloves I got for Quicksilver, and I decided to get a pair for Wanda as well, because I’m planning on making almost all of her outfits from the movies she’s in and a comic version as well!

DVD’s/Games I bought


Books read, Movies watched

(rereads/rewatches are marked with a *, current reads are italicized)

Books read: 8 books in total, 1 reread.
Movies watched: 14 movies in total, 4 rewatches.

What happened in my life?

Like I said, January was a quiet month, where I played a lot of games. I started playing Harry Potter Lego 5-7 again, because I honestly loved that game very much, and I found out it worked on my laptop. I then also bought a copy of Harry Potter Lego 1-4 because I’ve been wanting to play that one as well, and that is basically how I spent this month. Trying to get 100% on both games (and I did)..

Then I also made preparations to ‘move’ to my aunt’s place for a month to look after her cat. She’s going to visit her son on Curacao and she has this adorable cat called Tony that she asked me to look after.

January was also the month in which a couple of celebrities died, one of them being Alan Rickman. It came like a shock to me, and honestly I still don’t believe it right now. Last year, in May, I met him and he looked so healthy that I couldn’t believe he was suffering from cancer. He may not have played by favourite character in Harry Potter, but him playing Snape made me tolerate the character a bit more. So yeah, a sad month for us Harry Potter fans (and for David Bowie fans as well, of course).

And then we went to see Star Wars, and honestly I think it’s the best movie I’ve seen this month (okay technically second best, seeing as I saw Mockingjay again, but the best new movie of this month). I honestly enjoyed it, but there were some tiny elements about it that I didn’t like that much. I am very excited for the next movie coming out in 2017 though (and yes I have turned into Star Wars trash, sue me).

2016-01-16 14.17.47-1

Next month

February is DEADPOOL MONTH! I am so excited for this movie, and I can’t wait to see it once, twice, three times and perhaps even more. And then I am hopefully going to start at least one cosplay for HobbitCon, because I finally have a sewing machine! My gran decided to give hers to me for my birthday already and I am super happy with that, because now I don’t have to look for a good one anymore, yay!

Books I want to read next month: The Raven Boys, Beauty Queens, The Coven, Zie Me Hoor Me, The Wicked and the Divine, Doctor Who Storybook 2007, Royal Blood, Between the Lines

Movies/TV shows I want to see next month: Deadpool, The 100 S3, Pride and Predujice and Zombies, Agent Carter S2, Black Sails, This Is Where I Leave You

See you in February!