Three weeks have passed since the first Behind the Scenes post, and I thought it was about time for another one. This post has pictures of the past three weeks in which I spend a lot of time at my aunt’s house watching her cat while she’s on a holiday.

2016-01-12 23.12.25-1

Tanja and I went to Subway again before seeing a movie (I believe it was Joy), and we both took another Star Wars menu. The girl behind the register told us we could pick two cups because they were going to get rid of the menu in a couple of days, so I picked Chewbacca and Rey. Then, I was still hungry so I decided to go for another SW menu, and I picked Finn and Kylo Ren. Now I have all of them – except for the Stormtrooper, but technically Finn is a traitor Stormtrooper so win/win.

2016-01-14 15.38.11

They can be sweet for each other. Just not all the time. This was one of the rare moments in which they were close to each other without biting/scratching/hissing, and it was so sweet. So I took about fifty pictures of them, ha ha ha!


And then the news got out that Alan Rickman had passed away. I didn’t want to believe it, and since there was only one website talking about it at that point, I just made myself believe it was a hoax and that he wasn’t really dead. But then more and more websites picked it up and eventually it was confirmed by his family. This picture was made in May 2015 when I met him in Den Haag. I am so happy I got to meet him, and I will cherish the book he signed for the rest of my life. Rest in Peace, Alan.

2016-01-14 19.01.02-1

We went shopping in Haarlem and visited the Popshop, which is totally Tanja’s fault because she started singing the Imperial March and I was like ‘I WANNA BUY A BB-8 FUNKO’. They didn’t have BB-8, so I took Rey with me instead. They’re so cute, but I don’t really understand why all the Star Wars funko’s are on a platform. They can easily stand without a platform, in my opinion.

2016-01-15 01.33.28 2016-01-22 01.36.17

I reached 100% in both the Harry Potter games, it’s the first time ever that I reached 100% in a Lego game, which makes me really happy. It’s mostly because these games are easy to play and there aren’t any races/timed challenges which I absolutely hate.

2016-01-15 15.40.39

I bought this on impulse, when I saw it at the store, and I have yet to try it out. I’ve always wanted to make something edible in a mug, and now I can! I just need to find a mug that’s big enough, he he he!

2016-01-16 14.17.47-1

Ohhhhh, just look at this cutie! She’s so adorable and I love her so much. Right when I wanted to make a picture of her lying on my bed, she started stretching her paws so it looks even more adorable.

2016-01-16 20.11.51

While in Haarlem (on the same day as I bought Rey); we went to this second-hand DVD/Game store where I bought X-Men 2, Wolverine, Dead Man’s Chest and The 10th Kingdom. Then I went to to order the Harry Potter Lego game and decided to add Divergent and Insurgent because they were 10 euros each.

2016-01-17 13.45.45

This is Tony, my aunt’s cat. He does this adorable thing every time he wants attention, which is just so cute. I’ve been looking after him for two weeks now, and he finally decided he likes me. Instead of just running away every time I make a sudden movement, yay!

2016-01-20 11.15.23

I won this book via OhMyBook which made me really happy. It took a while to arrive, but then I got this beautiful hardcover in the mail and oh I like it so so much. I can’t wait to get started in it, because the story sounds really interesting!

2016-01-20 18.53.03

Tanja and I went to Hilversum to visit a friend, eat pizza from one of the best pizza places in the country (De Houtoven, trust me); and then we watched Big Hero 6 which of course was a great movie! I really hope Disney/Marvel will make more movies like this in the future!

2016-01-25 17.50.27-1

The first weekend at my aunt’s place went by very quickly, and I had these little puff pastry thingies for dinner; together with Kylo Ren. Ha ha ha, luckily he didn’t wreck the table when he didn’t get anything. :’)

2016-01-29 14.18.33

I finally found a Dutch website that had a BB-8 Funko Pop, so I immediately ordered it, and it arrived two days after. Yay, now I only need to get the rest of the TFA line and I am happy! Ha ha ha!

2016-01-30 00.11.11

A couple of days before February, I got an email saying my copy of Stars Above had been shipped. I started reading it on the 29th of January, and I love love loved it so much! Then, on the 2nd of February I received another package with another copy of Stars Above (while I am 100% sure I only ordered one copy); so free books, yay!

2016-01-31 17.57.34

When I was at the supermarket, I had really weird cravings, so I ended up buying a pack of burrito mix and made them for dinner that night. I didn’t make all of them (there are six wraps in the package), and I ended up not eating all of these four that night. I had the fourth one for breakfast the next morning which was goooooooood!

2016-02-03 00.53.47

I got Lego Marvel Avengers to work on my laptop and played through all the levels at top speed. Then I went through each of the areas, and in Sokovia I found Wiccan – which is Scarlet Witch’s son. So I made a family picture (I realised afterwards I could’ve changed Pietro into Vision and then I would have had an actual family picture, but hey this is cool too)!

How was your month so far?