Some years ago, I first played the Harry Potter Lego games. I believe it was on my sister’s Nintendo DS. Then, for a while I didn’t do anything with it, until I started playing on the WII more. We had some Lego games on there as well, and I played most of them for a bit – Harry Potter (both games), Lord of the Rings (though I never got further than the first level, oops) and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Last year I discovered that Lego Marvel Superheroes worked on my tiny little laptop and decided to check it out. I spend a couple of days playing this game and I was absolutely hooked. I still don’t have all characters, gold bricks, red bricks and I still haven’t saved all Stan Lee’s, but I’ve played quite a lot.

Now, I am busy getting 100% on both Harry Potter Lego games. I bought the second one 5-7 two years ago, but it didn’t work on the laptop I had then. With this new laptop, it works perfectly. So I bought the first game 1-4 as well, and I’m currently trying to get to 100% with that one (though I just cannot get one of the crests, grrrrrrr).

This is honestly my newest addiction, and I cannot stop playing it, honestly. It’s getting in the way of my reading time (okay I get plenty of reading done, but not as much as I had hoped I guess), and the worst (read: best) part is that there is a new Lego Marvel game coming out at the end of this month!

It’s called Lego Marvel Avengers, and it’s more about the movies this time. You can play levels from the Captain America movies, the Iron Man movies, the Thor movies, and even the Avengers movies which means that there will be lots of new characters, including my favourites of all time: Wanda and Pietro Maximoff! I am so excited to see them in Lego form and to play with them in this game!

These aren’t the only Lego games in existance, there are Star Wars Lego games, DC Lego games, even a game called Lego Dimensions which has lots of characters, including some of the Doctors from Doctor Who! (But it’s not available for PC, mehhhh). There’s a list of all their video games available here!

Have you ever played a Lego game?