Behind the Scenes #1

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Last year I thought it might be nice to start doing a sort of diary post, because lots of bloggers do this, and I wanted to post more about my personal life. So I made it a goal to make at least one picture a day this year, and post them on Instagram. Then, at the end of each (two) week(s), I’d make a post with all the pictures I posted that week. So without further ado, here is the Behind the Scenes post for weeks 1 and 2 of 2016!

2016-01-01 00.23.23

I both like and don’t like fireworks; they are always so noisy and little kids think it’s funny to throw it towards other people, but honestly when it’s dark outside it does look very pretty. I spend New Years’ Eve at my sister’s place with her, her boyfriend, his family, my younger sister and a friend of hers. We listened to Bohemian Rhapsody, I had some Marvel champagne (and some Jack Daniels with honey flavour) and then we all went outside to watch the fireworks.

2016-01-01 21.17.15

The next day I went to my friends’ house to watch the last two Star Wars movies. We ordered pizza, which was delicious, and watched one whole movie before we were all tired. So the day after, we went and watched The Revenge of the Sith and immediately booked tickets to see The Force Awakens. And we spend the rest of the night watching crack videos on YouTube.

2016-01-02 14.12.18

The first book I read in 2016 was Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern. I didn’t like it that much, I have to admit I enjoyed the movie much much more – and that is not just because of Sam Claflin. I just thought the book went on for too long and I got bored after a while. The formatting was really nice though!

2016-01-03 14.19.28

Our kitten, Disney, saw a fly on our lamp and spend a good fifteen minutes circling under it, making the cutest noises ever. According to my mum, she eventually caught it and ate it, good job Disney!

2016-01-03 14.21.24

My dad was cleaning out the attic, and that’s where he found this picture. This was taken – I believe – on the wedding day of my uncle and his ex and we were the bridesmaids. I honestly don’t remember any of this, but I believe we still have the dresses somewhere. (In case you were wondering, I am the angry-looking thing on the left).

2016-01-05 16.44.40

Last year I decided I wanted to cosplay Quicksilver, who is Scarlet Witch’s twin brother. I did make it into a female version, because I honestly don’t want to do male cosplays, sorry not sorry. Anyway, I ordered this wig, which was cheap and looked really perfect for the character. The roots ended up being much longer than they were on the picture, but honestly I don’t mind!

2016-01-05 19.06.24

Funko announced a couple of new Funko Pop! for the new Marvel movie, Captain America: Civil War! AND THERE IS ANOTHER WANDA MAXIMOFF POP! I am so excited for Wanda, and for that outfit too (which I am obviously going to cosplay). I can’t wait to get my hands on her, yay! (Okay that sounds wrong, sorry not sorry).

2016-01-06 15.15.30

We finally went to see The Force Awakens, and before that we went to Subway for dinner. We all bought the Star Wars menu because you could get one of these cups with it. Tanja and I both got BB-8 and our friend, of course, got Kylo Ren. (I’m not surprised, he really likes the villains a lot I guess). (The movie was awesome, BB-8 was awesome, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME).

2016-01-07 15.58.11

I ordered some gloves for my Quicksilver cosplay, because he wears fingerless leather gloves in some of the scenes, and when I saw that this seller also had them in red – I thought ‘why not buy a pair for Wanda too? Not sure with which outfit I am going to wear them, but at least I already have them!

2016-01-08 15.08.29

It is honestly a miracle when they’re sitting together like this, without trying to bite each other’s heads off. And yeah, literally five seconds after I made this picture, the left one (Punkie) started hissing at Disney already. Oh well. It was fun while it lasted..

2016-01-09 15.18.10

Disney has found a new favourite spot in my room. When she’s not trying to crawl underneath my bed, she’s sitting on the windowsill looking at all the people passing and the birds sitting in the trees. It’s such a cutie! <3

2016-01-09 15.32.59

I was feeling a bit ‘meh’, so I decided to pick up Truthwitch and spent the entire day reading. Like I said before, I really enjoy it, only I am not a huge fan of the multiple POV’s, especially not in the way they’re written in this story.

2016-01-10 15.11.33
A while back, I decided to try out Lego Marvel Superheroes and found out it worked on my little laptop. Since then, I’ve been kind of obsessed with Lego games, and I now have Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter and hopefully soon the new Lego Marvel game! (With the twins! <3). And also the kitty was lying there sleeping, being quiet for once after chasing Punkie from my room. Oh well.

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