Top Ten 2015 Movies I Still Haven’t Watched

Last month, I made a TTT about the ten 2015 releases that I still hadn’t read. Today, that is the official subject for the TTT, so I decided to make it into something different, again. I will be talking about the ten movies released in 2015 that I wanted to watch, but still haven’t watched. Let’s go!

ttt 120101

Inside Out – released on 15/07/15

Can you believe I still haven’t watched this movie? I’ve been meaning to ever since it came out, but it. just. didn’t. happen. I honestly really want to watch this movie, but there were so many other movies in 2015 that I went and watched instead of Inside Out. This year, I am definitely going to watch it though! D E F I N I T E L Y!

The Good Dinosaur – released on 25/11/15

We’re staying with Disney Pixar for this one, because I also haven’t seen their November movie. And I honestly have no excuse for it (because I can go to the cinema unlimited times for €19 a month) other than ‘there were all these other movies that I went to instead. I’ll just wait for the DVD release and watch it then, I guess.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – released on 20/08/15

One of the main reasons I still haven’t watched it is because I’ve heard people compare it to Kingsman, and honestly I’ve seen that movie five times since it’s release at the beginning of 2015 and I was a bit done with movies like that for a while. I wanted fantasy and science fiction and basically just movies that were more ‘up my alley’. So TMFU got pushed back and back and back. My best friend watched it, but honestly I haven’t heard her talk about it so much so I’m not really sure what to think of it. Oh well, it’ll happen, one day.

Ex Machina – released on 30/04/15

This movie has Apocalypse and Bill Weasley (or for the Star Wars fans: Poe Dameron and General Hux); so why haven’t I watched it? I don’t know. It’s about androids/artificial intelligence, which is something I find really interesting, and apparently there’s this really cool dance scene in it. My dad recently watched it and said it would be a cool movie for me, and if my dad says that then it’s (usually) true! Definitely watching this asap!

Trumbo – released on 25/11/15 (USA)

Honestly, honestly, honestly? I want to watch this movie because Dean O’Gorman plays a role in it. There, I’ve said it. I don’t really know what this movie is about (I mean I did know, but I’ve forgotten) but I mainly just want to see Deano because he’s one of my favourite actors at the moment, and I want to see everything that he’s in! The main reason I haven’t seen it yet, is because it’s not officially released in my country yet, and there is no official date for it either, I believe. Meh.

TTT 120102

Steve Jobs – released on 03/12/15

Okay this has an actual reason! Yay! My friend and I wanted to watch this so badly because of Michael Fassbender, until we found out our cinema doesn’t show the movie. Apparently, it’s been released to a select few cinemas in my country and ours was not one of them. Meh. DVD release it is!

Terminator: Genisys – released on 09/07/15

Again, I wanted to see this movie because Jai Courtney plays a role in it. And later on I found out Matt Smith was in it as well. Yeah. I haven’t seen any of the older movies, and apparently you have to see at least three or four of them before watching this one – that’s what someone said in their review. I don’t know, I don’t really think these are my kind of movies, but I just want to see this one because of Jai. Yeah, well, maybe one day..

Jupiter Ascending – released 05/02/15

I mainly wanted to watch this because it looked like a fun movie. I heard very mixed things about it, but still I want to form my own opinion. And yet, I still haven’t watched it. I think I’m just waiting for the right time. Or maybe it’s the fact that there are so many other movies I still need to watch that this one just gets pushed to the back more and more. Sorry, dear movie!

The D.U.F.F. – released 20/02/15 (USA)

Again, another movie that doesn’t have a Dutch release date yet. And also I kind of want to read the book before I go and watch this movie, but the last time I picked it up I couldn’t get through the first chapter. I guess I’ll just try and read the book somewhere this year, and then afterwards watch the movie. Or maybe I’m going to watch the movie first, just because.

Chappie – released 05/03/15

Honestly the movie title sounded ridiculous (just like Robocop) and I remembered telling myself that I wasn’t really interested. But then I found out that Hugh Jackman plays a role in this movie. I am a huge (he he he) fan of Hugh (especially of him as Wolverine) and I thought ‘yeah okay why not’. Maybe I’m going to watch this with a friend whenever we’re having a ‘watch bad movies’-night.

Which 2015 movies are still on your to watch list?