Because I made a post about the books I bought in 2014 this year, I thought it might be nice to do it for the books bought/received in 2015 as well. So I got all my Book Stats posts together, took out all the books that were in there, and gods… It’s a lot. Quite a lot. Last year I got fifty books. A perfect round number. Want to know how many books I got this year? Brace yourselves…


I got a total of 108 books

One-Hundred-and-Eight. Yes. I am missing one book (Library of Souls; if you’ve counted, which I doubt) because it’s still at my sister’s place. So yeah. I don’t remember how I managed to buy so many books, I just know that whenever I had money, I bought a book or two. The average is 9 books a month. 2 books a week, approximately. Wow. I won’t make a list of all the books on this picture, but I’ve made some separate pictures for you. I apologise for the quality, but I made these in the middle of the night, and after lifting them all on and off my desk multiple times, I didn’t feel like making new pictures when it was light out.

Out of these, I have read 63. So that’s only 45 books unread. Pretty good for someone who usually buys ten books, reads one of those and then rereads Harry Potter or the Hunger Games. (I also just noticed I added the wrong Chris Colfer book, but still I bought a CC book this year, so it counts!)







How many books did you buy this year?