Behind the Scenes

My Hoarding Problem: Books, CD’s.

I believe I mentioned it before, that I was going to make pictures of all the things I collect. Because I collect quote a number of things: games, nailpolish, iphone cases, books, dvd’s and cd’s, fandom merch, funko’s and a couple of other things I cannot remember at the moment. So I’ve made pictures of all of those things, and I will share them with you in a post series called ‘My Hoarding Problem’. Enjoy part one, which will be all about books.


It may not seem like a lot to you people, but for someone who hardly read any books in 2011, I think I have gotten quite a collection since that. Of course some of these books are books I read in my youth, and some books belong to my mum or my sister, but the majority of the books that are here on these shelves are mine! (And yes, I desperately need a new bookcase, I know). I have a list of all the books I own right here on Listography!


I love music, but I am honestly not the person that buys the CD’s of every artist that I listen to. Only the ones that I really love and want to support (not that I don’t want to support the bands that I don’t love but you get what I mean… right?) I even have the soundtrack of The Hobbit and The Hunger Games on here because I just really love those movies so so much!

That concludes my first Hoarding Problem post. Stay tuned for the next one, although I cannot say with certainty when it will be posted!