A week late for Christmas, but seeing as I had already filled in everything, I thought I would just post it the Thursday after. And because I didn’t post a TMI Thursday both last week and the week before.

As long as I remember, we’ve been celebrating Christmas. We didn’t always do gifts – we only picked that up until after my sister stopped believing in Sinterklaas – but we did the food. And more recently, I watched the Doctor Who Christmas special every year. I have to admit, that this year I still haven’t watched it. Oops. (Because I am personally not a fan of River Song, and this episode is called ‘The Husbands of River Song’, so yeah).

Anyway, I found this Christmas tag on Lieke’s blog Make it Personal, and I thought – why not do it? I’ve translated it to English and filled it in. Let’s go!

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

When I was younger, I used to love How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or just The Grinch for short. Maybe it’s because I won tickets for the official (red carpet) premiere in my country that had Taylor Momsen as special guest (my first encounter with a celebrity. No I didn’t meet her face-to-face, but I was in the same room as her – that counts for something right?). Later on I started watching Nightmare Before Christmas, so I guess those two are my favourite Christmas-y movies!

Have you ever had a white Christmas?

Yes, a couple of times actually. I don’t really remember when the last time was, not last year – maybe the year before that, but it was glorious. This year it was too warm for snow – seriously it was like 15 degrees – so that was a bit of a shame. Though (not so) secretly I don’t mind at all, because I am a mail deliverer and I hate having to walk through snow. It’s slippery and all that grey sludge is so annoying, ugh. My perfect Christmas would be just snow on the two Christmas days (25+26) and then it being gone on the 27th!

Where do you usually spend Christmas?

Us Dutchies have two days of Christmas. Don’t ask me why, but I am happy with it – because usually we celebrate one day with just the four of us (and sometimes with my gran too); and the other day with my sister and her boyfriend as well. That is also the day we unwrap presents. So yeah I spend both days at home or at my gran’s which is really nice!

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Hmmmmm, I don’t think I really have a favourite Christmas song, I don’t like most of them to be honest. Because I’ve heard them way too often, and I just got tired of them. I do like Only Seven Left’s cover of Wish List, which is a song by Neon Trees!

Do you open your presents on Christmas ‘eve?

Nope, we either open them on the first or second day of Christmas; depends on when my sister and her boyfriend are coming over. This year and the previous year we opened them on the second day.


Which Christmas traditions do you look forward to most this year?

The eating, I guess. I love food, and I love eating food at Christmas. We usually put two grills on the table and grill our own meat, potatoes and stuff on there so everyone can have what they want and we don’t have to eat this one thing that not everyone would like. And the Doctor Who Christmas special is also my favourite, though I am not looking foward to this one that much (I mean I love Peter Capaldi, but I am not a fan of River Song so yeah).

Is your Christmas tree fake or real?

We actually don’t have a tree this year, and we haven’t had a proper one since our middle cat was a kitten, I believe. At the moment we have a kitten who loves to attack, bite, lick and play with everything, so we can’t have a tree because she’d probably wreck it within minutes of it arriving at our house. We have this little wooden tree with bells in it that we will gather the presents around. Last year we had a pile of books as tree, ha ha ha!

What is your favourite Christmas food/candy?

There are these cookies called ‘Kerstkransjes’ (Christmas wreaths?) that are just simple cookies with either tiny pieces of sugar or almond shavings on top of them. I don’t like almonds at all, but I LOVE the almond kerstkransjes so so so much! It’s such a shame they don’t sell these things all year round, cuz I would have bought a pack every week!

Be honest, would you rather buy gifts or receive them?

Ehm both, I guess. I don’t really like having to think of gifts for other people if they haven’t told me what they want, but usually I know really well what people like and what they don’t. And if I really don’t know what to buy – I’ll get food, food is always good. I also really like receiving them, because I just like getting things okay? I usually make an extensive list of things I would love to receive, so people have a lot of choices!

What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

The boxset of Harry Potter books I got a couple of years ago. There was only one problem, it wasn’t available and so we wouldn’t get it in time for Christmas. Eventually, I didn’t get it until February the year after, but still it’s the best thing I’ve ever received!

What’s your favourite desination to visit around Christmas?

My dream is to one day celebrate Christmas in New Zealand or Australia – in the summer, at the beach. Other than that, I don’t really have a certain place I want to celebrate Christmas at.


Are you a pro in wrapping gifts, or not?

Oh hell no. I am horrible at wraping things that aren’t perfectly square or rectangle. Next year I am just going to buy things that are in boxes or something like that and the things that aren’t in boxes I will put in boxes. We did have crappy wrapping paper this year though, but still I am super crappy even with good paper.

Do you have any New Years’ Eve resolutions? If so, do you actually do them?

Do more for my blog, and comment more on other people’s posts. I don’t really do NYE resolutions, because I know I am never really going to actually do them in the new year. I do really want to save money for HobbitCon and make two cosplays myself!

What makes Christmas so special to you?

I personally don’t think Christmas is super special, it’s just a day where you get together with your family, eat a shitload of food, unwrap presents that the others spent so much time carefully wrapping and watching an hour-long Doctor Who episode. Yeah okay maybe it is special, but to me it just doesn’t feel that special. It’s not like our family stops arguing with each other on these days, especially not during breakfast brunch. Oh well, I guess the whole getting presents while it’s not your birthday is really special, ha ha ha!

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