Just like with books, there are so. many. great. movies coming out next year. I made a list of the twenty movies I am the most excited for. Basically, this is the reason I got a new unlimited movie pass. Because of at least ten of the movies on this list. Of course, I will mention those first! Again, if you click the poster, you’ll get send to their IMDb page. I’ve added the titles to the ones that don’t have official posters/titles yet.

Most anticipated movies

m20 m19 m16
m15 m14 m18
m06 m02 m01

Other amazing movies coming out in 2016

m08 m17 m03
m04 m05 m07
m10 m09 m12
m11 m13

Tomorrow it’s the 31st of December, the last day of 2015, and the last day of the BOTY posts. I’ll be spending the evening with my sister and her boyfriend and some other people as well. Hopefully there’ll be lots of cool fireworks, oliebollen and champagne!

Which movies are you looking forward to?