Best of the Year

BOTY ’15: TV Shows I Watched

I really love watching TV shows; Doctor Who, Supernatural, The 100, Once Upon a Time – there are a lot of them that I love. I haven’t finished a lot of seasons this year, in my opinion at least, but I like to talk about the five shows I loved the most this year!

Doctor Who series 9

This is probably my favourite TV show that I watched this year; I really loved this season! It had amazing episodes, some that weren’t that amazing, but overall it was just great great great!

Marvel’s Daredevil Season 1

A friend of mine and I decided that we would watch this together, but the problem is that we’re both very fond of talking through movies/tv shows and stuff, so though I do remember most of what happened in this season, I don’t remember all the details. It was a great season though, and I really enjoyed it. We’ll certainly watch the second season when it comes out in April next year!

Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 2 (+ 3.1)

I really loved the first season of Agents of Shield, so I definitely was going to watch the second season. And it was just as amazing! I love the characters even more now (except for Ward, he’s an asshole); and gods Fitzsimmons are just the otp of otp’s! Season 3.1 was just as cool but even more nerve wracking! But I love-love-loved it!

Agent Carter Season 1

When I heard that Peggy Carter aka Agent Carter would get her own TV show, I was super thrilled! I watched the entire season (eight episodes) in one weekend and I wanted more! Luckily, she’s getting a second season, which’ll come out in between the two halves of S3 of Agents of Shield and I CAN’T WAIT!

The 100 Seasons 1, 2

After reading half of the first book – and not liking it one bit – I was very scared for the TV show. But I watched the first episode, and it was amazing. So much better than that first half of the book, and so much better than the entire book series would probably be. The show doesn’t follow the book’s storyline that much I believe, but it goes a different way; but just this once I don’t mind at all. I am going to say it: this TV show is so much better than the book!

Which TV shows have you been watching this year?