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BOTY ’15: Cosplays Done and Planned

As you may have noticed on my blog, I cosplay, and though I don’t own a sewing machine, I’ve had a couple of cosplays this year that I am very happy with. I decided to put them all in a post together, and also post about the cosplays of a couple of friends of mine and just people I admire in genereal! Let’s get started with my five cosplays of this year (I’d say my five favourite, but I’ve only done four new cosplays this year and the fifth one I’ve worn in previous years too).

Wanda Maximoff from the Avengers

Ever since I saw trailers and images of the new Avengers movie, Age of Ultron, I fell in love with Wanda’s outfit. It was just so easy to do, I could practically buy the things I didn’t own yet in stores. So for the midnight premiere I went dressed up as her – it got me a nice IMAX poster! Then, after seeing the movie, I fell in love with the character, and decided that I wanted to cosplay her more. So I did. She is now my most cosplayed and most loved cosplay of 2015! I am planning on doing more of her outfits, and even a comic-inspired and X-Men ouftit as well (that would fit with X-Men’s Peter Maximoff).

  2015-08-02 20.35.45 2015-09-20 17.14.02

Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents

At Elfia in Haarzuilens this year, my friend and I decided we wanted to cosplay Cosmo and Wanda from the cartoon Fairly Odd Parents. We basically just needed a green and a pink wig, crowns, wands and some wings. We got all of those, except for the wings, but that didn’t really matter because we got recognised at Castlefest quite a lot! I’m really happy with this cosplay, mainly because I get to wear a pair of jeans with big pockets that even my iPhone 6 fit in! Yay! Definitely planning on wearing it more often next year!


Tris Prior from Divergent

Kind of an impulse, but when I heard Veronica Roth was coming to my country, I knew 100% certain that I was going to be there as Tris. I got a wig from Ebay (a Thor wig, so I could also do a Thor cosplay); and the rest I already had (that didn’t stop me from buying a new black tanktop & tshirt on the day of the signing). My sister made Tris’ bird tattoos on my collarbone with mascara and hairspray, and Veronica recognised me as Tris! Goal = reached!


A Mirkwood Elf from The Hobbit

Let’s be honest, elves are awesome. Dwarves are cool too, but I wasn’t looking forward to wearing so many layers and beards and stuff; so I decided to be a Mirkwood elf at Hobbitcon this year. I bought a simple green dress from Ebay, got some brown boots, some elf-ears, a nice long wig and I even wanted to bring my bow with me that I bought at RingCon last year. I didn’t, eventually, because I didn’t have any arrows; but I really liked my outfit. And a plus, there were actually people who wanted to take a picture with me. Elf-ears do help!

2015-08-21 14.23.28

Castiel from Supernatural

I’d decided to do this cosplay even before I’d seen any episodes featuring him on Supernatural. I’d bought the coat, the tie, and the rest I already owned. When I heard Osric Chau (Kevin Tran on the show) was coming to the Netherlands, I decided I would cosplay Castiel on the day I’d meet him. And so I did!


There are also a lot of cosplay plans for 2016, but these five are the ones I am actually really planning on doing. Most of these are already simple, and I have a couple of things for them already; but I do need to do some actual sewing for at least three of these cosplays, and I am seriously nervous about that!

Tilda from the Hobbit

Planned for: HobbitCon. I don’t know why exactly I decided to do this, but I noticed that there were lots of Bards, some Sigrids, maybe one or two Bains and I believe just one or no Tildas at all at this year’s HobbitCon. And because I honestly love that family, I thought it might be nice to cosplay Tilda. A friend of mine has a brilliant Sigrid cosplay already, and two other friends would be Bard and Bain – though I don’t know if they’re still going to do that. Oh well. I’ll still be Tilda.


Pietro Maximoff (from Age of Ultron)

Planned for: Dutch Comic Con. I have a jacket that looks almost exactly the same as one of the jackets Pietro wears in Age of Ultron, so I thought ‘hey a cosplay of Wanda wearing her brother’s jacket’, but then I thought ‘well I could cosplay Pietro himself’, and then it just happened. I bought running shoes (they were super cheap) and now I only need to find a good wig that won’t cost me half my salary…


Nessa from the Silmarillion

Planned for: HobbitCon. Because if you get your name from a Tolkien Elvish name generator, you should probably just cosplay the character you got your name from, amirite? Well, because a couple of friends are doing some Silmarillion cosplays next year, I thought that it would be nice to do Nessa. I don’t know much about her, apart from the fact that she likes dancing and apparently likes deer as well; but I am just going to make something cool. Hopefully.


Art credit: Elena Kukanova

Jessica Jones from Marvel

Like so many other people in the world, after watching the first three episodes of Jessica Jones, I decided I wanted to cosplay her. Right after I dyed my hair red.. Oh well.. I’ve got her entire outfit already, I just need to find a good, grey scarf and perhaps some new fingerless gloves. I even have a camera and a bottle of whiskey!


Planned for: Dutch Comic Con, Amsterdam Comic Con. No seriously, I want to cosplay all of her outfits. 1. Because she’s awesome. 2. Because her outfits are awesome. 3. BECAUSE I LOVE WANDA MAXIMOFF. I already have most of her other outfits from Age of Ultron together, I just need some things here and there; I am already looking into making her coat from the Civil War set pictures, and I am definitely planning on doing her Avenger outfit. Either the one from the end of AoU or the one from Civil War. But I am waiting on more images of her from both movies.

Then, I am also planning an X-Men version that fits with ‘Peter’ Maximoff from the X-Men movies (maybe I’d call her Wendy?!); and then a comic version was well. Not the bathing suit, no, never. But I am making a dress version of it, though I am not sure what kind of pattern I am going to use yet. I’ve got the fabric already, so that’s not a problem, I just need to find the right pattern.


Do you cosplay?