Just like this year, and every year before, there are some great books coming out in 2016. I decided to make a list of twenty books coming out next year, that I want to read. I don’t think I’ll really read all of them next year, but there are some that I’ll probably pick up the day I get them in my hands. You can click the covers to go to the goodreads page.

b01 b02 b20

b17 b12 b11

b10 b09 b08

b06 b05

Books that don’t have covers yet

 b03 b07 b19

b16 b15 

Books without (official) titles/temp. covers

b14 b18

b04 b13

5th Throne of Glas book / 4th Shades of London book / Crooked Kingdom (2nd SoC book) / Gemina (2nd Illuminae book)

Tomorrow I’ll post all about my twenty most anticipated movies! And then the day after I’ll talk about events, and then it’s already the last day of December, the last day of the year. Wow!

What are your most anticipated releases of 2016?