… And I only freaked out twice.

No, okay, honestly I didn’t really freak out that much. There was one moment on Friday where I was like ‘hey she’s in the same town as me right now’, and even though it’s not that special, it was very exciting for me to realise that. Veronica is honestly one of my top ten favourite authors, I am safe to say she’s in my top five even, and I just couldn’t believe I was there about to meet her.

Last month I heard that she would be the star guest at the Best of YA event in December, and I decided then and there that wherever it was in the country – I would go. I found myself two people who would come with me (my sister and a friend who lives in Tilburg, where the event was) and bought tickets. Planned on cosplaying as Tris and bought a wig very quickly (I might make a post about it soon, I guess).

Then, last week or so, my local bookstore announced something A W E S O M E. They’d managed to be the only bookstore in my country that got Veronica Roth to sign there. Okay, it ended up being at our local concert venue, which was across from the bookstore, but still our little bookstore managed to do that! So I got my best friend to come with me, who also loved the books, and we met with another friend of ours there.

We’d gotten tickets for the second session, which would be from 18:30 til 20:00 but when we arrived at the venue at 18:15, we were already allowed to stand in line. We were outside again at around the time we were supposed to start, officially.

Veronica was super nice, and she recognised me as Tris almost immediately. “You’re dressed as Tris, aren’t you?” We talked a bit about the Best of YA Event (and she pronounced Tilburg correctly) and then I got a picture and said goodbye. Afterwards we went to the bookstore where I bought two books and a comic (I had gotten a giftcard from my work which I could spend on books) and then we went home.

Next morning I woke up at 7am because the event would start at 10 and my sister and I would have to drive almost an hour and a half to get there. We got breakfast at McDonalds (so delicious, much unhealthy, very yolo) and drove all the way to Tilburg. There we met my friend Lisa, who was dressed as movie Tris (while I was book Tris, sort off; my wig was too long for that actually)

At the event, we got to see Insurgent again which was really nice. Then, there was an interview with a Dutch author which I haven’t read any books of (but he was nice so maybe I will in the future ;)) and then there was an interview with Veronica, who was just super cute. After that there was a discussion panel, and then it was time to get autographs.

Lisa, my sister and I were all in group two, so we had to wait like an hour or so before we could go inside again. So my sister and I went to the Subway next door to get something to eat, and then just as Lisa and I were in line for the airbrush tattoos, the doors opened for the second group. So we went inside, and stood in line there. It all went very quickly, and though Veronica didn’t recognise me from the day before (which I didn’t even expect) she did recognise both Lisa and me as Tris (pre-haircut and post-haircut hehehe). We got autographs of both authors (I got a signed bookmark by the Dutch author) and then it was time to go.

I really had a lot of fun these two days, and I LOVED meeting Veronica. I really think she’s amazing, and I now really feel like rereading the books (even though I just did that).

Have you met your favourite author?