TMI Thursday – The Bookshelf Tag

It’s Thursday again, so it’s time for another TMI post. This time I decided to pick a book related tag, and I’ll be talking about my bookshelves this day, yay! I found this booktag on Dreamland Book Blog! I apologise for the phone pictures, but it was a rather last-minute decision of me to add pictures to most of these questions. So yeah..

Describe your bookshelf and where you got it from.

IMG_5171 IMG_5172

IMG_5173 IMG_5174

I got mine from IKEA last year as a birthday present. It’s a white Billy and I love it very much! At the moment it’s almost completely full and I think I’m going to have to start double stacking books if I keep on buying more. Maybe I’ll get a smaller bookshelf to put next to the one I have now, but I’ll have to measure everything to see if it fits. I also have three shelves where I currently have my Harry Potter books, some non-fiction books and my Funko Pop! boxes.

How do you organize your books?

I used to have it organised by either author last name or colour, but right now I just have series and authors together and everything is just where it fitted. I can’t really think of a nice/cool way to organise them, so I’ll just leave it like this for now. I do have a separate shelf for my hardcover books.

What’s the longest book on your shelf?

I guess the longest/biggest book I have is either Balefire by Cate Tiernan, which is actually a bind-up of four books; or Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia (which is very long in height/width rather than in pages). I haven’t really read either of them, but I am planning on starting the first Balefire book soon!

2015-12-03 17.18.26

What’s the shortest book on your shelf?

That’s either the Avatar: The Last Airbender graphic novels that I’ve got, or my Doctor Who Quick Reads, they’re each around a hundred pages, but I haven’t really checked how much they each have. So yeah, those two are the shortest books. Also, in length, the Last Survivors series by Susan Beth Pfeffer are the shortest books, they’re so cute!

2015-12-03 17.18.43

Is there a book you received as a birthday gift?

Two years ago I got The Silent Stars Go By by Dan Abnett from my best friend. It’s a Doctor Who book, and it features the Eleventh Doctor. It was brought out new again that year because of the 50th anniversary celebration. I really enjoyed it, which isn’t really a surprise, and I honestly want to get the other books brought out with these new covers!

2015-12-03 17.19.05

Is there a book from a friend on your shelf?

Not from a friend, but I have four books I borrowed from my sister. I have The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer, which she read and loved and she told me to go and read it, and I got the last three books in the Gone series by Michael Grant, because I was a bit meh about the second and third book, so I didn’t want to spend money on a series that I may or may not end up liking. And besides if my sister has the books, why bother. If I end up liking it I can go and buy the other three anyway.

2015-12-03 17.19.34

The most expensive book on your shelf?

I guess right now that’s the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It cost me around 20 euros, which to me is expensive even if this book was totally worth it. I can’t think of another book that cost me more than that. Maybe the boxsets that I own, but I don’t really count those.

2015-12-03 17.20.12

The last book you read on your shelf?

The last book I finished was Illuminae which is an awesome book. Not just because of the story, but because of the way it looks, I mean look at it! Ahhhhhh! <3

2015-12-03 17.20.31

Do you have a complete series?

I have several complete series. Harry Potter first of all, I own two copies of the series – but one of those isn’t complete (I am missing the second and third book). So I have one complete set of Harry Potter books. Then I have the Hunger Games series, The Grisha Trilogy, The Divergent series, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, The Last Survivors series, the Slated trilogy, and I guess that’s about it. All the other series are either not complete because not all the books are out yet, or because I am just terrible at completing series.

2015-12-03 17.21.03

What’s the newest addition to your shelf?

The last book I received in the mail is The Coming of the Terraphiles by Michael Moorcock, which I just noticed does not have the titel on the front cover. Okay, bit weird. Anyway, it’s a Doctor Who book and it was super cheap on Bookdepository (less than 4 euros, SERIOUSLY). So I had to buy it, of course!

2015-12-03 17.21.39

The oldest book on your shelf?

That has got to be Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling, in Dutch. Or as it’s called in Dutch Harry Potter en de Steen der Wijzen. I got this at around the time the first movie came out, which was in 2001, so yeah it’s old.. Very old.. Old as balls.

2015-12-03 17.21.57

What’s a book you’d hate to let out of your sight?

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, which is the reason I got a second copy of the book which I can take with me if I want to read it on the road. This particular copy pictured has autographs in it, which is why I am reluctant to bring it with me. I could lose it, or it could get damaged and that would be such a shame because those autographs are my favourite thing of this whole book! (Okay I love the story too, very much, ha ha ha)

2015-12-03 17.22.18

Most beat up book?

Definitely my Dutch Harry Potter books. But especially Goblet of Fire (de Vuurbeker) and Deathly Hallows (de Relieken van de Dood) are off worst. The front cover of GoF is just wrecked and Deathly Hallows has all these purple stains on the side, and a couple of pages are loose. But I am not planning on throwing them away, because these were the editions that I read as a kid, and I refuse to throw them all away (which is probably what happened to my second and third book :C)

2015-12-03 17.22.56 2015-12-03 17.23.10

Most pristine book?

Well most of the books I bought but haven’t read yet look very pristine of course, and I haven’t really bothered to make my read books look as new, so yeah I guess that Asylum by Madeleine Roux is a good answer here – I picked a random new, unread book from my shelf, ha ha ha!

2015-12-03 17.24.29

A book that doesn’t belong to you?

I honestly don’t remember well, but I think this book belonged to either my mum or my sister, but yeah I have it now. It’s Anne Frank’s diary which I read a couple of years ago and found very odd to read. I mean you’re reading a dead person’s diary, Idk..

2015-12-03 17.24.09

A book that is your favourite colour?

I was like ‘okay what is my favourite colour?’, because honestly I don’t know. It’s green and purple and red and blue and I just really like a lot of colours. So I just picked the first green book that my eyes fell on, and that’s The Sin Eater’s Daughter by Melinda Salisbury. I don’t really know what it’s about, but I can’t wait to start reading it!

2015-12-03 17.23.47

A book that’s been on your shelf the longest and you still haven’t read it?

Not sure if this is the book that’s been there the longest, but it has certainly been here a long time. I think I bought it in 2012 or 2013, and then I started reading it quite quickly after I bought it, but I put it down a while after because I couldn’t get into the story. It’s Eragon by Christopher Paolini and I still have not picked it back up again. Such a shame, because it’s about something I really love – dragons.

2015-12-03 17.24.46

Of all the books on your shelf, which was the first you read?

Again, not sure if this is the first book I read of all the books I have here, and it’s certainly not the same edition as the one I read in 2011 (or 2012?); but this is one of the first books I remember buying and it’s one I read before I made a goodreads account which happened somewhere in 2012. It’s The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. And yes, I could have picked Harry Potter here, because I know that those are the first books I’ve read out of all of these, but that is the obvious answer, and I didn’t want to go for that.. So THG it is!

2015-12-03 17.25.19

Any signed books?

Yes, eight in total I believe, with two more upcoming this weekend!

2015-12-03 17.25.41 2015-12-03 17.25.49

2015-12-03 17.25.59 2015-12-03 17.26.35

The Hobbit, signed by actors Sylvester McCoy, John Bell, Jed Brophy, Dean O’Gorman, Tolkien’s great grandson Royd Tolkien and Weta owner/founder Sir Richard Taylor; The Trials of the Core, signed by author Michael E. Thies.

2015-12-03 17.27.14 2015-12-03 17.27.59

Talon and Rogue signed by author Julie Kagawa; Six of Crows and Shadow and Bone signed by author Leigh Bardugo.

2015-12-03 17.28.30 2015-12-03 17.28.36

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows signed by actors Alan Rickman and Daniel Radcliffe.

This weekend I am getting two books signed by Veronica Roth which is super exciting, I can’t wait to meet her tomorrow and the day after, and I think I will probably be in shock forever because she’s honestly one of my favourite authors of ALL TIME.

Did you do this tag?