Wrap-Up: November 2015

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So November is over, and we’re onto December. The last month of the year, and in my opinion one of the best months. Mostly because of Christmas. I love Christmas; getting presents, eating a lot of food and most of all the Doctor Who Christmas episode. But for now, here’s the wrap-up post for November!

Books bought, received




I don’t know how I let this happen, but I bought a total of 16 books. Two of which were gifts for my friend, but the other fourteen are all mine. Probably because a lot of these books were cheap/discounted, so I just thought ‘why not’. I regret nothing, absolutely nothing. I also got two magazines, and some other stuff which I’ll show you a little further down the post. But let’s start off with the books, shall we?!

Books read this month:

Books Read this month: 11 books, 4 rereads.
Total books read this year so far: 116 books out of 125.

Movies/TV shows I’ve seen this month:

What happened in my life?

November was the last month at my internship, and while I enjoyed working there, I am also secretly happy that I’m done. Because the one thing I didn’t like about all this was getting up early. I just can’t sleep that well every night, and getting up before 10 is honestly a disaster for me. So while I enjoyed these three months, I did cheer a little bit when I could sleep in this morning!


Non-bookish stuff I bought/received: 

  • Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix DVD
  • Fake gun and walkie-talkie (for cosplay)
  • Red Christmas jumper
  • A card that I can spend on books (from my internship)
  • Magnetic bookmarks shaped like polaroid cameras (from craftedvan)
  • Deathly Hallows t-shirt
  • Slytherin socks
  • Avengers bubble stuff (idk what it’s called in English)
  • The Ultimate Book Blogger’s Plugin!

Yes, you read it correctly, I finally purchased the Ultimate Book Blogger’s Plugin that I’ve been wanting to buy ever since I found it. But it was – in my opinion – expensive, though now I know it’s probably worth the money. It’s amazing, and I really can’t believe I didn’t buy it any sooner. But I saw that Ashley (who made this plugin) had a super amazing Black Friday discount. 50% off all of her themes, plugins – everything. So yeah, naturally, I had to buy it!

2015-11-28 10.38.25

Yesterday my best friend celebrated her 23rd birthday, and the Friday before we went to Utrecht with a couple of friends to eat pizza. It was honestly one of the best days of the month. We also finally started watching Star Wars, because we wanted to see the new one coming to theaters in December, but we though it was probably a good idea to watch the other six movies first. So we did that.

Other than that, we didn’t really do much, besides watching movies and TV shows; and I read a lot of books. I also did a lot of work, and because of that I was usually very tired at night, too tired to do things. So there are a lot of books, movies and TV shows on my to read/watch list for December! Want to know which? Keep on reading!

Next Month:

Next month will be super exciting because it’s Christmas of course. I’ll have to buy lots of presents for my family and a couple of friends. I’m organising a New Years’ Eve party at my place for some friends and hopefully they’ll all show up, ha ha ha! There’s also going to be a couple of nice movies coming out that I want to see and most importantly: I am going to meet Veronica Roth! It was announced that she’d be coming to the Best of YA event in the Netherlands, which will be held in Tilburg this year. I bought tickets for my sister and me immediately and was super happy with that! And then, and then – my local bookstore announced SHE’D BE COMING THERE TOO! The day before TIlburg, Veronica will be signing books in my town, MY TINY TOWN (okay not so tiny but shh). I can’t believe it!

Books I want to read: Tomorrow When the War Began, Clockwork Angel, Rogue, Shadow Kiss, The Death of Captain America, Seeker, Lullaby, The Next Together.
Movies/TV shows I want to see: The Good Dinosaur, Regression, Star Wars, Jessica Jones S1, Daredevil S1Nowhere Boy, The Doctor Who movie, Black Sails S1

See you in December!

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