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Movies I want to see in 2013

I am thinking about going for a Pathé Unlimited Card (seeing an unlimited amount of movies for 19 euros a month) next year, because there are a lot of interesting movies coming out in 2013! I decided to make a post about the movies I want to see next year, so here it is!

01. Beautiful Creatures | 14 February | IMDb

I don’t know much about this story, since I haven’t read the book yet, but I am very interested in this movie. It’s about witches (or ‘casters’ as they’re called in this universe) and y’all know how much I like my witches! Not sure if I’m going to watch it in the cinema though, because I am determined to first read the book obviously.

02. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters | 28 February | IMDb

Everyone’s familiar with the story of Hansel and Gretel, who got locked up by a witch and almost got eaten. But nobody knows what happens after they escaped. This movie is about Hansel and Gretel as grown-ups, and honestly I think it’s a bit strange, because I never thought about them as grown-ups with the names Hansel and Gretel to be honest. The trailer looks pretty cool and pretty creepy as well. And Famke Janssen plays in it, which is a cool because Dutch pride!

03. Silver Linings Playbook | 28 February | IMDb

All I know about this movie is that Jennifer Lawrence is in it, so yeah I guess I have to watch it! No okay it looks like a cool movie, and I am happy they’re going to show it in theaters, because first I thought it was going to be one of those film festival only movies. So yeah, it’s based on a book, and maybe I’m going to read the book first – or after, I don’t know, I’ll see.

04. Oz: The Great and Powerful | 14 March | IMDb

I don’t remember the last time I watched the old Wizard of Oz movie (don’t even remember if I’ve even watched it from beginning to end) but I do know the general story. So I wonder what this movie is going to be like. I believe it’s a prequel, but I am not entirely sure. Anyway, I am excited to watch this movie in theaters!

05. Jack the Giant Slayer | 21 March | IMDb

Again, familiar with the general story, though I believe this is a sequel. I kind of wanted to watch this because Nicholas Hoult plays in it, and I know him from the TV show Skins. Don’t think I’ve ever watched a movie about Jack and the Beanstalk movie before, don’t even know if there is a movie about it, but yeah – I’ll look into it and see if I can watch one.

06. Warm Bodies | 4 April | IMDb

Everyone who knows me, knows that I despise zombies. But this movie looks interesting, because it’s told from the perspective of the zombie (played by Nicholas Hoult, see I have a pattern this year). This is also a book-to-movie adaptation, so I think I am going to buy and read the book before I watch the movie. Or maybe not, I’ll see. I don’t want one to ruin the other for me to be honest.

07. Despicable Me 2 | 3 July | IMDb

A while ago, I saw the first Despicable Me movie for the first time and I really enjoyed it. My favourite part were the minions, because they were just so hilarious. I didn’t know there was going to be a sequel until I believe I saw a video of the minions on facebook, but I am pretty excited for it!

08. Monsters University | 10 July | IMDb

We’ve waited for so long, but here it finally is, the second Monsters Inc. movie! This movie will be a prequel to the first, and it will be about Mike and Sully’s college experience. I really can’t wait to see this movie, because we did really wait twelve years for this (that’s what Sirius Black was yelling about!)

09. Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters | 15 August | IMDb

To be honest, I wasn’t such a fan of the first movie, but I am a bit more excited to see this one in theaters. They at least made Alexandra Daddario look a bit more like Annabeth with her blonde hair right now! We’ll see in August what this movie will be like, but first, I am going to have to read the book!

10. Catching Fire | 21 November | IMDb

I really enjoyed the Hunger Games, and this movie will hopefully be great as well! They’ve hired a new director for this movie, and I haven’t seen any of his movies yet, but I trust him to do his best! I cannot wait for November to arrive, so I can watch the second part in the Hunger Games series!

11. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug | 12 December | IMDb

An Unexpected Journey is still showing in theaters, but I am already looking foward to this second movie. They have decided to split this movie and make it a trilogy, which makes me even happier, because there will be more Hobbit after next December! The last movie is called There and Back Again, and I know already that it will hurt.