Ever since I stopped doing WWW & Wishing On Wednesday, I kind of missed doing a second meme/tag thing every week. So since that, I’ve been trying to find something nice to do on Thursday or perhaps Friday. After not finding something I really liked, I decided to make up something myself. And thus, TMI Thursday was born. TMI stands for Too Much Information, and basically I’ll be talking about my life. I’ll be filling in tags I find on the internet, I’ll share pictures of what I’ve done in my life, and you know – stuff like that. I’m not 100% certain what I am going to do with this, but I thought I’d start off with a tag I found. It’s called My Life in 20 Questions, and I found it on Vera Camilla’s blog.

What’s your favourite colour?

I honestly don’t really know, it changes a lot. I love green, blue, purple, red; but I guess my favourite really has to be purple. Which is why I chose it as a colour for my blog, hahaha!

What’s your favourite number?

Actual number-wise, it’s 7 and 13 – they’re my lucky numbers and 7 just means a lot to me because of both Harry Potter and Only Seven Left. Song-wise, at the moment I really love Sons of Durin from the Battle of Five Armies soundtrack. And Uprising by Muse!

What’s your dream job?

Ehm, honestly I don’t know. I’d love to be an author, or a photographer, or a graphic designer; or a little bit of all three, I guess. An author who makes her own covers and takes amazing pictures of them too, that’d be awesome!

Where would you want to live on your own?

New Zealand perhaps, or maybe Wales – a little closer to home. I don’t really think there’s a place in my own country I want to live. Perhaps Geldrop, but then I’d only want to live in the Tolkien area that they have there! (I am seriously so excited about this, I want to visit it and be that person that sits between Thorin and Fili, crying about ‘my babies’).


What is your favourite way of traveling?

Train, honestly. I am not a huge fan of being around a lot of people, so I’d prefer an empty train, where I can sit and read a book quietly. I usually listen to music in the train, because otherwise I can’t concentrate on my book. (I do prefer traveling by car to traveling by train, but I don’t own car nor a license so yeah).

What do you do in your spare time?

Reading, blogging, watching movies or TV shows (with friends, or on my own). Sometimes I work on my cosplays, but seeing as I don’t have a sewing machine, I usually just stare at the fabrics and hope they suddenly do something themselves. (Yes I should probably go and buy a sewing machine soon).

What are your favourite (clothing)stores?

Clothing-wise, I usually go to H&M or Primark; they just have so many nice things for cheap, and honestly I don’t like paying a lot of money for tshirts and dresses. Jeans, okay – but honestly I find that it doesn’t really matter whether something is cheap or expensive, it’ll all break eventually. Book-wise, I love going to the American Book Center or the Waterstones in Amsterdam, but going to my local bookstore – Boekhandel Stevens – is a joy as well. I love walking around those stores, looking at books that interest me. Usually I don’t buy a lot there, but maybe someday!

Which concert would you love to go to?

Honestly I don’t really like going to concerts anymore, it’s always too busy and the music’s too loud *old lady talking*. But I would love to see Thirty Seconds to Mars live one day. Other than that, I can’t really think of anything at the moment. Maybe Ed Sheeran another time, and this time a bit closer to the stage? Ha ha ha!

What is your favourite tea flavour?

Turkish apple. Or just apple in general. Ever since I had actual apple tea in Turkey, I fell in love with the flavour. But honestly, I don’t really mind what flavour my tea has; if it’s English Breakfast, I usually put in milk and sugar.

Do you collect anything?

Books, obviously. I also collect Funko Pops, which are just adorable, and a lot of other things. I’ve made some Hoarding Problems posts a couple of years ago, which I guess I should probably update soon. You can view them here!

You can’t sleep without…

A blanket, a pillow and my polar bear plushie that I got when I was four. His name is Bram, and he’s my favourite thing in the world. I can’t really sleep without him, and every time I sleep at someone else’s place I just really mis having something lying next to me.

If you got a milion euros, all for yourself, what would you do with it?

I’d give some to my parents, get myself a house and have a built-in library, obviously. Then I’d travel to New Zealand, visit Hobbiton and cry. Yeah. And of course I’d buy lots and lots of books!

What is your favourite make-up brand?

Honestly, I don’t care about make-up. I don’t really get how people find the time to put it on every morning, and take it off every evening. I only wear nail-polish, and sometimes put on some eyeliner and mascara for certain cosplays. Other than that, I don’t really bother with make-up. My favourite nail-polish brand is Catrice, which has such amazing names for their polishes (like Berry Potter and Plumbledore, my favourite at the moment).

What’s your favourite season?

Season 9 of Doctor Who is pretty cool so far (though that last episode was CRUEL). Haha, no okay just kidding. I love autumn and spring, because they’re the inbetween seasons. Not too hot, not too cold – because I don’t really like either. And I was born in the spring, so it’s extra awesome, because that means my birthday is coming up!


Do you sleep with the doors open or closed?

Closed, always. I can’t sleep with doors open, because my mum always keeps a light on in the attic (where my parents sleep) and I can’t sleep if there’s any light in the room or in the hallway. So my door is always closed (even if there’s a cat in the room).

What do you love to eat?

Pizza is my weakness. I love pizza, though I am not one for variation. Usually pepperoni or with other meats (bacon, ham) on it. My favourite pizza’s are the ones from New York Pizza, and this tiny restaurant in Hilversum called De Houtoven. Their pizza’s are always so delicious!

Why did you start blogging?

I love writing, but I never really knew what to write about. I’ve had blogs about music, movies, my own life, bands and other famous people I liked; and then I decided to blog about books. Which is something I really like, even if my blog isn’t popular.. I just love writing about things I like!

Do you have a subscription to a magazine?

No, I don’t. The only magazine I really read is the Empire, which is a UK magazine – and it’s too costly for me to have a subscription to that. I do buy it often when I’m at the Ako or any of the English bookstores in Amsterdam. I also love reading Doctor Who magazine, SFX and just other magazines about movies&TV shows.


What did you do last night at 12am?

We were having a discussion about whether the blinking light in the sky was an airplane, helicopter or a star (or possibly two stars). I was convinced it was a star, while my friends thought it was an airplane. But it didn’t move, didn’t come closer or get further away, it just stayed where it was. So – definitely a star. (Or aliens).

What’s your favourite perfume?

My mum’s got this perfume that I bought her for Christmas last year (or the year before), that smells like apples a bit. I love apples, so I sometimes steal that perfume from her. I also have a perfume that my mum bought me for Christmas, that’s from the Action, and though it’s not something that stays the whole day – I really like it. It’s a kind of flowery perfume!

So this was the first TMI Thursday post. I don’t know what I’m going to do next week, maybe another tag, or maybe I’ll talk about something in my life, I’ll see next week!