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What Happened in October 2015

We’re getting closer and closer to the end of another year! It’s already November, and today it’s time to tell you what happened in October. In my life, and on my blog. Let’s go!


Total posts this month: 25 posts published
Total posts in drafts: 2 posts drafted
Top Ten Tuesday posts: 06/10 | 13/10 | 27/10
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The writing reviews almost immediately after I’ve finished the book/movie has worked very well this month. There are a couple of books that I didn’t write reviews for, but they were mostly rereads and graphic novels. There are still two reviews in my drafts that I will probably finish in November and post!



Portfolio work is a bit behind schedule, because I’ve been working on another website for the company I work for mostly this month. So yeah haven’t really done anything new for my blog this month. I am definitely planning on getting the Ultimate Book Blogger Plugin this month, because I just really want it.

I did change the colours of the layout a bit, because I didn’t really like the pink nor the purple that I’d chosen after it. I decided to choose red and orange, two colours I took from the header!



Photo on 30-10-15 at vrijdag 30 oktober 2015 Week.44Tijd. 17.02 #2

  • A red scarf and pair of gloves – I really wanted another one of those scarfs that are basically just a circle you can wrap around your neck twice. I had a green/blue-ish one somewhere, but I can’t find it anymore. These scarves are perfect for when I’m working, so I really wanted a new one!
  • Christmas t-shirt – We were at Primark a while back and I saw this Christmas-themed shirt with awesome puns on it, so I just had to buy it. The puns are “I’m too cool for Yule”, “Snow way!” and “Oh dear” (which is funny because it’s being said by a (rein)deer.
  • Awesome cardigan – This cardigan is nice and warm and really big and I’ve basically been wearing it ever since I got it! Can you believe I got this from the Lidl?
  • Six of Crows poster – This was in the goodiebag I got at the Six of Crows release party, I love it! I also got a mug (with a picture of Little Red Riding Hood), some chocolate milk mix, a notepad and some Grisha bookmarks!
  • Julie Kagawa wristband – They were giving these to every one who came to her signing, and it’s really cool. It’s too big for my wrist though (those bracelets always are)
  • Zippers – I am planning on remaking Wanda’s bracers with actual zippers. According to my friend I am in for a cryfest.
  • Onesie with reindeers on it – I saw this at the store my sister works at, and she got it for me with a discount the next day, yay!
  • Wig for Tris – I decided that I wanted to cosplay Tris a while back, and went to look for a wig. I didn’t want to do her long hair, but her shorter hair from the book. I saw this wig – which was sold as a wig for Thor – and decided to buy it. I thought it would me more ash-blonde but I really like this golden blonde colour. It’s longer than Tris’ hair actually is, but I am probably going to keep it like this!
  • Lots and lots of fabric – This is for my Wanda Maximoff cosplay. I am still planning on doing a comic inspired outfit for her, with red and pink; and this fabric was only 2 euros a meter, so I bought 5 meters.


2015-10-30 10.39.49 2015-10-31 22.04.45-1
2015-10-30 19.32.26-1 2015-11-01 10.41.54-1

  • Met Julie Kagawa and Leigh Bardugo! – These were probably the most exciting days of my life. I finally met Leigh Bardugo, an author whose books I love SO SO MUCH! I got three books signed (one for my sister and two for myself) and had so much fun! I met a couple of new people, had some very delicious cake, bought two new books (the amazing black-side edition of Six of Crows, and a book by the author that got me to read Leigh’s books in the first place, Lauren DeStefano)! The day before, I met Julie Kagawa in my hometown, which was really nice! I’m ashamed to say I’ve only read one book by her, but I do own two other books (the ones you see on the above picture) and I really plan on reading those asap!
  • Reread the Lunar Chronicles – Because of Winter coming out in November, I thought it might be nice to reread the Lunar Chronicles, because I just felt like doing that! I listened to most of the first and second book at work, and right now I am still reading Cress, but I hope to finish that soon so I can start with Fairest. AND THEN WINTER! YES!
  • Made some very tiny preparations for NaNoWriMo – But not really that much. Last night I had this amazing idea for a story and thought about writing it down the next morning, but of course I woke up with the story being completely erased from my mind. *sighs* Next time I’ll just write it down asap, no matter what.
  • Bought tickets to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – A while back it was announced that the official eighth story of Harry Potter would be made into a play. Of course, as a die-hard Potterhead, I knew I had to go there and I made plans with my sister to do a trip to London. Tickets for the summer of 2016 were sold out in the pre-sale already, so I was determined to get tickets for the later months of 2016. Eventually, after cursing the website three or four times, we managed to get four tickets for….. *drumroll* 12 April 2017! Yes. A year and a half from now. Approximately. BUT OH MY GODS I AM SO EXCITED!


  • Participate in NaNoWriMo – Yes, even though my cool story has been forgotten, I am still planning on participating. I might not make the 50.000 words because I am also still working every day, I will try my best to write down as much as I can remember. Leigh Bardugo gave some nice writing tips during her interview on Saturday, and I plan to put them to good use. LET’S DO THIS!
  • Hopefully buy tickets to see Veronica Roth in December – BECAUSE SHE IS COMING TO MY COUNTRY, AAAAAAAAAAAH! I may have shed a little tear when I heard she was coming. I love her books so much, and if I could go there and tell her that, preferably in my Tris cosplay, that would be so amazing. Because yes I am planning on putting on my Tris costume when I manage to get tickets, just because I have to.

See you next month!