Behind the Scenes

Christmas Haul 2012!

Christmas is over again, and we had a lot of presents to unpack this year! We decided that, just like last year, we’d be buying smaller presents for each other rather than just one big present each, because getting lots of small/cheaper presents is always nicer than getting one expensive one. I’ve made a picture of the stuff I got, which you can view below! I am very happy with what I’ve got!


I got Luna Lovegood’s wand, which I actually bought for myself, or well my friend bought it, I paid her back and she put some wrapping paper around it so I could unpack it for Christmas! I got some chocolates, some crisps, lots of bath stuff (showergel, shampoo), perfume, nailpolish, some lipbalm and a buddha.

I also got – but forgot to include – some rings (an owl and a birds’ skull, kind of like the necklace Bellatrix wears in Harry Potter); and the soundtrack CD for the Hobbit! I hope you’ve all had a great Christmas (or just a great couple of free days if you don’t celebrate it) and got awesome presents!